Putin, chef Prigozhin complains to the tsar about the “unsuccessful management” of the war (and has political aims)

Only until a few weeks ago little or nothing was known about him, because he preferred to remain in the shadows. For this reason the only “ripped” videos in Russia they had gone viral. But now Yevgeniy Prigozhinbetter known in the West by the nickname of “Putin’s chef” (because he has a restaurant in St.Pietroburgo where the Tsar often goes to eat) seems to aim higher. The Washington Post citing US administration officials. The founder of the Wagner Group would have complained directly to Putin about the “unsuccessful” management of the war. Words that will certainly not sound new to the Russian president’s ears but that make more noise because they are spoken directly to Putin himself. A sign – explains the WP – of the growing influence assumed by the founder of Wagner. At the same time, Prigozhin’s criticisms show the fragile position in which the Russian military leaders currently find themselves.

Prigozhin and the conversation with Putin

Prigozhin he said he was worried, in an interview with Putin, that the Russian Defense Ministry relies too much on the mercenary group without providing sufficient resources to carry out the conflict missions in Ukraine. US intelligence also believes that Wagner’s leader to put pressure on Fly, has created a video to be shot on social networks in which the forces of the group complain about the lack of food and supplies. But among the comments of the Washinton Post the denial arrived: «I have not personally communicated with Vladimir Putin either recently or in the near future. I have not criticized the management of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the conflict in Ukraine. Therefore, I cannot comment on anything, ”said Prigozhin, as well as adding that he had not seen any video complaining of the forces of which he is the leader. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also refused to comment on the conversation between Prigozhin and Putin, and it is therefore not clear what the real ambitions of the head of the Russian mercenaries are. The increasingly prominent public role of figures like Prigozhin and Kadyrov in the war effort irritates some Moscow officials while Shoigu in recent months bears the frustration of being “sidelined within the Russian leadership,” according to an assessment by the Ministry of British defense.

Prigozhin and political influence (which grows)

In the analysis of US Intelligence, Prigozhin’s criticisms are deepened: the operation, according to him, relies too much on Wagner mercenaries who, however, do not receive sufficient funding and resources. In a recent video posted on social media, Wagner mercenaries, just like the recruits, complain about the lack of food and equipment. But Prigozhin seems to want more. The tycoon aims to gain political influence. The words spoken with Putin – in the interview officially denied – are on the same line as those he used publicly. This indicates his growing influence as Prigozhin, with interests in the catering sector, as well as mercenaries and dissemination of online propaganda, who is also called “Putin’s cook”. «What is striking is the public political position of Prigozhin who, only a few weeks ago, preferred to remain in the shadows.


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