Putin condemned Russia to isolation, he did serious damage to Moscow

Political elections of 25 September 2022 in Italy

The problems for Russia are “military, but also economic, social and political”, says Silvio Berlusconi, Forza Italia leader interviewed by the director of Fanpage.it, Francesco Cancellato. “If I had a role in the next government, I would make Putin think”.

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Political elections of 25 September 2022 in Italy

If I were really called to play a role in the next government, I would invite Putin to reflect on the substantial isolation to which he has condemned himself and his country. It is indeed a serious damage to Russia, not just immediate damage but perspective“. Silvio Berlusconipresident of Forza Italia, in an interview with the director of Fanpage.it, Francesco Cancellato, comments on the war in Ukraine and criticizes the choices of Vladimir Putin, with whom he has also shared a friendship over the years.

The fallout from the war for Russia will be severe: Putin is doing his country “a military damage, because the news coming from Ukraine is not at all positive for what was intended to be the invincible Russian army. But it also and above all makes a political and economic damage very serious: the sanctions have caused a reduction of the Russian GDP by around 8-10%, have increased the number of poor people. The abandonment of Russia by all Western companies has caused thousands and thousands of unemployed“. On international planthen, “the good relations that existed between Russia and many countries of the European Union, which now instead find themselves united against Russia itself, have failed. Finally, the approach to China that is a consequence of all this does not seem to me a good thing for the Russian Federation“.

As for Italian politics, however, Berlusconi praises his coalition comradesMatteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni: “Any attempt to pit the three center-right leaders against each other is surely doomed to fail. The three of us have been together for 28 years, we are not like the left that changes alliances, especially lately, every 28 days“.

“Women, vote for me because I’ve been hunting for your love all my life”: Berlusconi’s latest

Within the coalition, however, differences remain: “Matteo and Giorgia are two leaders and also two friends to whom I respect, but the fact remains that we are something different from them. We are the liberals, the Catholics, the pro-Europeans, the guarantors, the atlantists, we are the Italian section of the European People’s Party. This is why I often say that voting for us is the only rational vote for a moderate, a liberal, an anti-communist“. On the other hand, even in the field of political communication, while the Brothers of Italy chose the password” Ready “and the League chose” Credo “,”we are liberals, liberals have no watchwords“, comments Berlusconi. However, he specifies,”our allies are very good at communicating with their constituencies, and they don’t need my suggestions“.

In January, when it was time to elect the President of the Republic, Berlusconi was nominated by the center right. According to him, however, the non-election was not a disappointment: “Believe me, I have had much, much more from life and politics than I ever could have wished for. I had accepted the candidacy for the Quirinale despite knowing that the center-right did not have sufficient parliamentary numbers, because I thought it was a way of strengthening the unity of our coalition“.

To his career, Berlusconi he couldn’t ask for morehe claims: “For ten years I have had the honor of representing my country in the world. I am the only human being to have chaired the G8 three times. I am even the president of the football club that has won the most trophies in the history of world football. So you may think I still have something to ask for myself?“. The choice of the center-right in the race to the Quirinale, then, was to vote”with great conviction“for the reconfirmation of Sergio Mattarella,”who is a wise and authoritative guarantor of the institutions and is also much loved by Italians“.

Today, the center-right program for the elections brings many proposals, but it almost never makes it clear which ones it intends to finance them. For Berlusconi this is not a problem, since “our whole program revolves around a concept, that of growth. Each of our proposals is oriented towards this“. Flat Tax at 23% for all, abolition of preventive authorizations, justice reform: all these proposals, together with the increase of minimum pensions to 1000 euros,”serve for growth. Finally, it is also useful for consumption and growth to offer young people an adequate permanent job with a decent wage. Our program includes all of this. The left thinks the only problem is redistributing existing wealth, and never mind if the pie is too small. Instead, we want to prepare a bigger and bigger cake, so that there are slices for everyone“.

Right on young, Berlusconi’s campaign has staked a lot lately. To ask him who his is favorite tiktokerhe says that “there is a rookie who is achieving major success. In his first video ever, he got almost 10 million views and already has, after a few days, 600 thousand people who follow him steadily. I’m trying to remind me of the name of this guy … oh yeah, I forgot, I think his name is Silvio Berlusconi“.

But for young people, his party also has “concrete perspectives. They are right to be unhappy. Just complaining has never helped, so my advice is never to be discouraged, to always set yourself an ambitious goal, not to listen to skeptics and pessimists. I do not believe at all that girls and boys are lazy and lazy as they are sometimes portrayed“.

Among Forza Italia’s proposals, there is that of “raise to at least 1000 euros wages for all precarious workfixed-term contracts, first employment contracts, apprenticeships, compensating employers with tax and social security deductions“. But above all, the goal is”incentivize companies to offer stable contracts. To this end, we will abolish all taxes and contributions for the first 2-3 years on all permanent contracts for boys and girls in their first employment.“.

With these measures, the improvements would arrive not only in the world of work, but also in other parts of life, argues Berlusconi: “A young person with a stable job can plan his future. He can think, if he wants, to get one family. Can buy one home with a mortgage, which the state will have to guarantee. Young people must have confidence. They deserve it. But above all they must have concrete answers“.

As for the future of the center-right after Berlusconi, and the identity of his possible political heirthe president of Forza Italia does not mention names: “Heirs to the throne exist only in monarchies. Leaders are not appointed, they are not designated. Leaders emerge from the consensus of the people“.

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