Putin ignites gas, oil and wheat – Economy

European stock markets hardly moved after an uncertain morningmarked by President Vladimir Putin’s speech to the nation, which called for partial mobilization and raised the tone with the West.

Milan and Madrid advance by 0.7%London by 0.6%, Paris by 0.1% while Frankfurt loses 0.1%, with investors refocusing on the Fed, from whom they expect the announcement of a rate hike of 75 basis points tonight .

Instead it is still the Moscow price list is down sharply (-3.2%), although recovering from the lows of the morning (-9.6%)

Putin’s threats drive the price of gas (+ 6.8% to 207.5 euros in Amsterdam) and oil (+ 2.5%), with Brent rising to 86 dollars a barrel and wti to 92.8 dollars, discounting the risk of turbulence on Russian supplies.

The risk of retaliation pushes the price of wheat soft wheat at $ 972.7 per bushel (+ 1%) and durum wheat at $ 905.7 per bushel (+ 1.3%).

The euro is discounting the relative strength of the dollar and fears of recession, fueled by the risks of a worsening of the war, trading at 0.992 with the greenback (-0.5%).

The government bonds with the spread at 226 points and the Italian ten-year yield at 4.15% did not move. Energy and utilities run on the European price lists, on the day of the announcement of the nationalization of the German group Uniper (-35%). In Piazza Affari, Leonardo (+ 5.4%), Tenaris (+ 4.3%) and Tim (+ 3.6%) shine, on the day in which Xavier Niel announced his entry into Vodafone (+ 2.3%) ).

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