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The news on the war, live: Putin intensifies military operations, intense bombing on Kiev and other cities, but the advance of the troops has met with more resistance than expected. The West launches very tough sanctions against Russia

Russia And Ukraine I’m al fourth day of war. Heavy bombing during the night on Kiev, hit a fuel depot, a gas pipeline and the airport. Russian troops have entered Kharkiv, where a fierce battle is being fought in the streets right now. Here an analysis by Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio on the ongoing military operations.
• The Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that 37,000 Ukrainian volunteers have already enlisted to fight against Russia. The situation of the refugees is already dramatic (here the reportage from Leopoli by Lorenzo Cremonesi).

• First UN report on civilian casualties: the dead are at least 64, 240 wounded. The figure is probably largely underestimated.
• Russia is increasingly isolated in the international community: the United States, Canada, the European Union and Great Britain have tightened sanctions, announcing the exclusion of Moscow from the swift system for banking transactions (Here is the explanation of what it is and why it is important).

• US sources have announced that it will now begin the hunt for all the assets of the Russian oligarchs

, including yachts, real estate and businesses. Either the third world war, or the sanctions: these are the words of Joe Biden

Italy sends today
planes and men in Romania, to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank; from all over Europe weapons are also arriving in Ukraine and other aids (here the article by Guido Olimpio).

The reasons for the crisis
are explained in
this deepening


8.23 am – Putin praises the heroism of the Special Forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin today praised the heroism of the country’s Special Forces fighting in Ukraine.

8.15 am – The assault on ATMs in Moscow
The images of very long lines of customers thronging in front of ATMs in Moscow and other Russian cities multiply. The panic was triggered by the announcement of the selective stop to the Swift payment system, which is about to be adopted against some Russian institutions. Here is the interview with historian Paul Kennedy who explains to Corriere that Russia’s economy will not withstand the impact of sanctions: Putin’s mistake will be like the USSR

7.53 am – In Putin’s mind a parallel reality

What’s on the mind of the Russian president? What prompted him to launch an unprecedented assault on a country like Ukraine in the largest military campaign in Europe since the Second World War? Paolo Valentino’s analysis

7.25 am – Moscow: surround Kherson and Berdiansk
The Russian Defense Ministry claims that its troops have encircled two large cities in southern Ukraine, Kherson and Berdiansk, which have 290,000 and 110,000 inhabitants respectively. This was reported by the Russian agency Tass. There is no confirmation from the Ukrainian government.

6.58 am – Russian troops have entered Kharkiv. Hit a pipeline
The gas pipeline of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, was destroyed and bombed by Russia during the night. The facility, considered strategic for the supply of gas in a large area of ​​the country, has been hit repeatedly.

Russian troops have entered the city, where there is street fighting. According to the Interfax agency, which cites the Moscow Ministry of Defense, the Russian armed forces have captured 471 Ukrainian soldiers. There is no confirmation from Ukrainian sources.

6.25 am – Toxic smoke alarm after the bombing of the Vasylkiv oil depot

Following the Russian bombing of the Vasylkiv oil depot, just outside Kiev, the city authorities warned that the site is on fire releases toxic fumes and invited the residents, mostly already at the allotment in the shelters, to close the windows. The Ukrainian media reported it. The fire is also visible from Kiev, about 40 km away. Emergency services cannot put out the flames due to enemy fire and environmental disaster is feared.

6.01 am – Alarm sirens in Rivne and Lutsk, in the north-west of Ukraine

Alarm sirens rang out in two cities in northwestern Ukraine, Rivne and Lutsk, just before 6am local time. The BBC reports. Citizens were invited to go to a shelter.

4.54 – The Ukrainian army: a convoy of Chechen troops destroyed
The Ukrainian army destroyed a Chechen special forces convoy, named Kadyrovites after the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, in Hostomel, about 40 km from Kiev. This was reported by local media, citing the confirmation of the bureau. According to Channel 24 sources, the Ukrainian army blew up a group of 56 Russian tanks which also contained General Magomed Tushayev, commander of the 141st Chechen Guard Motorized Regiment who was killed.

3.36 am – Kiev, radioactive waste disposal site hit
Russian forces hit a radioactive waste disposal site in Kiev. The Kyiv Independent reports. According to a first report by the National Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Ukraine, there are no threats to people outside the health protection zone. The Ukrainian State Emergency Service then specified that the bombing of the radioactive waste disposal site in Kiev did not lead to the depressurization of the storage of radioactive substances. This was reported by the Kyiv Independentstating that the site fence was hit while the building remained intact.

3.25 am – Other Russian tanks and rocket launchers enter Ukraine
CNN reports it showing images of Russian heavy vehicles passing the last check point near Belgorod, in Russia, before entering Ukrainian territory near Kharkiv.

3.15 am – A building in Kharkiv hit, a woman killed
A nine-story building in Kharkiv was hit by a Russian missile: a dead woman and 20 other people were evacuated. This was reported by the Ukrainian state emergency service, covered by the Ukrainian media. Another 60 residents of the building had taken refuge in the basement and none of them were injured.

2.58 am – Ukraine, at least 64 civilians killed since the beginning of the war

First civilian death toll, there are also 240 injured since Thursday, the day of the start of the Russian invasion. This was reported by the United Nations, adding that the real death toll could be much higher.

2.04 – 37,000 volunteers have already been enrolled to fight against the Russians

The number of volunteers who joined the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces rose to 37,000. The commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, reports on Facebook.

2.01 – Kiev, citizens invited to close the windows
The Kiev administration, according to local media, has invited citizens to stay indoors with the windows locked or to spend the night in shelters


1.53 – Trump: Putin is playing Biden like a drum
Putin is playing Biden like a drum, not a nice thing to watch. This was stated by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, on the stage of the CPAC about the latest developments in Ukraine.

1.48 – Trump: Putin smart, our leaders are stupid
Vladimir Putin decided on his ruthless invasion after seeing the withdrawal from Afghanistan: Putin smart, smart, and our leaders are stupid. Donald Trump said this when speaking at the conservative conference and calling Russia’s attack on Ukraine an assault on humanity. It would have been easy for me to put an end to what is happening, to this farce, adds Trump, speaking of his affinity with Putin.

1.42 – Trump: we will save Ukraine from destruction
Our movement is strong and growing. We will save our country from destruction. This was stated by Donald Trump, speaking at the conference of conservatives. The former US president talks about the fascist left, the radical left that has lost its credibility and whose policies don’t work.

1.32 am – A Russian attack blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv
The Kyiv Independent reports showing a video of the explosion and flames of the Special Communications Service of Ukraine. The northeastern city of the country has been under heavy bombing for hours.

00.59 – Ukraine thanks the US, Canada, the EU and the UK for the new sanctions
Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyha thanks his friends from the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom on Twitter for their commitment to remove several Russian banks from Swift, the paralysis of the assets of the Russian Central Bank, the ban on Russian oligarchs from use their financial assets on the Euro-Atlantic markets.

00.57 am – Oil depot near Kiev bombed
The Vasylkiv oil depot, about 40 km south of Kiev, in flames. According to the mayor of the town, Natalia Balasynovych, the city and the airport have suffered heavy bombing from Russian missiles, reports the Kyiv Independent. According to CNN, the two large explosions that lit up the sky in Kiev a little while ago would have occurred right around Vasylkiv.

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