Putin reintroduces the title of “Mother Heroine” for women with ten or more children

The standard

– As the agency reports Tax, the rule is contained in a decree published on the official legal information portal. The document states that “the title of Mother Heroine is to be assigned to a mother who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, who has given birth to and raised ten or more children who are citizens of the Russian Federation”. However, it is not an absolute novelty: the title was already awarded from 1944 until 1991.

The conditions

– To become “Mother Heroine”, she adds The messenger, some conditions are needed. The title is in fact awarded when the tenth child reaches the age of one and, at the same time, all the other nine are alive. The Russian government will, however, take into account those who have disappeared or died while defending the homeland – for example by carrying out military duties – or due to attacks.

The demographic decline

– The alarm about the demographic decline was launched two years ago by Rosstat, the Russian national statistical institute, responsible for the economic, social, commercial and industrial censuses of the Federation. According to estimates, the Russian population could drop to around 143 million people by 2036 given the predictions regarding fertility, mortality and migration. According to data dating back to 2020, the Federation has more than 144 million people, compared to 148 million in the early nineties.

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