Putin speech, Orsini: “Annexation justifies use of nuclear weapons”

“The annexation of territories to Russia would justify the use of nuclear weapons, which according to Russian doctrine can be used to defend the national territory”. These are the words of Professor Alessandro Orsini, in Cartabianca, on the developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia with the referendums called by Moscow for the annexation of Ukrainian territories. In the next few hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to give a speech precisely in relation to the referendums.

“Putin’s move is anomalous, because in Donetsk the fighting continues. In the last few hours, Ukraine has managed to slightly pierce the Luhansk, which since July was under complete control of Russia”, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism. .

“Vladimir Putin, placed in a desperate condition, would seriously consider the hypothesis of resorting to nuclear weapons and the last words of the president of the United States, Biden, confirm this. Russia, from the available documentation, is considering the possibility to use nuclear weapons against NATO since 1999, “he adds. “Russia is willing to escalate, because she knows that to be right in Ukraine she has to solve the problem with NATO.” The referendums “are a message addressed to Germany, France, Italy. Putin must not scare Ukraine”.

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