Putin’s message excluded him from the world gathered at the UN

He does not go to the UN headquarters but the head of the Kremlin announces to the nation a “partial mobilization”: draft for the reservists and legal status for the “volunteers” who fight in the Donbas. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu: about 300,000 men will be recalled. “We fight against the whole West”

Enrico Cicchetti

The Vladimir Putin’s speech awaited since last night and postponed several times (the mocking irony of the Ukrainians did not spare him) has finally arrived. It is in fact the intervention at the UN by the Russian president, excluded from the general assembly of the United Nations, meeting since yesterday in New York. Today in the Glass Palace the American president Joe Biden and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky speak – the Russian president opened the day.

Menacing and cold, Putin does not use the word “war”, as many feared but says that the objectives of the special operation remain “unchanged”, ie the Russian terrorism continues in Ukraine. According to the Russian president it is necessary to take an urgent decision to protect our people in the “liberated lands” (the Ukrainian lands occupied by the Russians), “for this I asked the Defense Ministry to accept a partial mobilization“, that is a lever that will concern “reservist citizens”. Putin argues that the decree has already been signed and that partial mobilization begins today: all citizens who are mobilized will have the status of full armed forces. The Kremlin will give legal status to the “volunteers” fighting in the Donbas. Putin spoke of advanced training and education for reservists.

Russia, according to the statements of the director of the CIA, Bill Burns, has lost 15,000 men.

Putin announces that he supports sham referendums in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Russia will do all it can to ensure the “proper conduct of the annexation referendums” to be held in the Donestk and Luhansk people’s republics and in the regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhiathe Russian president said.

And finally, it again evokes the use of nuclear weapons. “It’s not a bluff,” says the head of the Kremlinaccording to which “the West has blackmailed Russia, but Russia has many weapons with which to respond. We will use all the resources we have to defend our people.”

In its aggressive policy, the West, which aims to weaken and destroy Russia, has gone beyond all limits: those who threaten with nuclear weapons should remember that Russia is also equipped with such weapons, Putin said. “Western politicians in their irresponsible policy are not only talking about Western arms supplies and there are terrorist attacks that are already underway. Some eminent NATO figures have talked about the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia. To them I remember the following: our country also has these weapons “.

After Putin’s announcement a pre-recorded interview with the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, was aired, which confirms that partial mobilization will involve those with military experience. They will be called about 300,000 people. Russia, says the powerful minister, is fighting not so much with Ukraine as against the entire West.

  • Enrico Cicchetti

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