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Gas again above 200 euros

The gas price for the second day in a row also exceeded 200 euros per megawatt / hour. Futures at the Ttf in Amsterdam, the reference market for Europe, reached 213 euros in the day in the wake of the speech to the nation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, before falling to 192 euros per megawatt hour. Oil and gas prices soared after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the country’s partial mobilization and promised to use all means necessary to defend Russia. The Russian president has also hinted that he is ready to use nuclear weapons. The news reignited fears that the invasion of Ukraine could escalate into a full-scale war, which would impact oil supply to global markets, said Ricardo Evangelista, an analyst at ActivTrades.

The price of wheat also rises

The price of wheat also rose, approaching the levels prior to the agreement between Kiev and Moscow on exports: on the morning of Wednesday 21 September, durum wheat was trading at $ 971 per bushel (+ 0.8%) and soft wheat at $ 971 per bushel (+ 0.8%). 902 dollars per bushel (+ 1%). As the prices of energy raw materials and wheat rise, there is a new collapse of the Moscow Stock Exchange. The Moex index, which yesterday lost 8.8%, plunged to a maximum of 9.6% at the start of trading and then recovered some ground and limited losses to 5.4%.

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