PZPN about Szeliga’s confession: it is a warning and a lesson for those who commit this type of action

The former footballer’s sincere confession took place on November 22 this year. Szeliga admitted that in 1993 he sold the game between Wisła Kraków and Legia Warszawa. There was talk of this meeting over the years. The former player did not hide that he decided to share this secret because he is seriously ill.

– I scolded myself. But that only happened once. I never took money for another game and I played some money. In the second tier, I have almost 200 games. In Ekstraklasa – over 100. And only once has someone put money in my pocket and I did not throw it away – he said in another interview for the TVP Sport portal.

Szeliga was a Wisła footballer in the years 1993-1995. In the last round of the 1992/1993 season, he accepted the corruption proposal. Legia Warszawa then won the away match against Wisła 6-0 and won the Polish championship. On July 10, 1993, PZPN, due to suspicions of corruption, decided to cancel the results of the Wisła – Legia and Olimpia Poznań – ŁKS Łódź matches (1: 7) and take away the championship title from the club from Warsaw.

– It should be noted, first of all, that the competitor’s request to submit to the penalty may not be processed due to the statute of limitations. The case is already 28 years old. Moreover, the Act on Corruption in Sport did not enter into force until 2003 and the events that took place earlier, according to Polish law, cannot be penalized. All union disciplinary procedures in this matter have already been completed and this is not changed by the fact that the player admits a disciplinary offense, which should be absolutely appreciated – said Adam Gilarski, Disciplinary Spokesman of the Polish Football Association

– When it comes to the ethical assessment of this event, even if it took place many years ago and there were no legal consequences for it, such an act is always reprehensible. I think this is a warning and a lesson for those who engage in this kind of activity. From an ethical point of view, it is difficult to speak of a punishment here. However, the mere fact of admitting and some people’s reaction seems to be a sufficient punishment. The example of Mr. Grzegorz Szeliga shows that, despite the passage of time, this type of negative action can resonate in a person in various circumstances of life. I would like to emphasize once again that the act of corruption itself is reprehensible and should not be done in this way! – added Jerzy Kostorz, the Ethics Officer of the Polish Football Association.

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