Qatar 2022, Adani without brakes: is there a limit to the show commentary?

The commentary show is one of the trademarks of the World Cup in Qatar. Evidently a precise choice by Rai, which decided to focus on two commentators outside the lines, Lele Adani and Andrea Stramaccioni. A confirmation from the first, who has always used this register and who for the World Cup has dusted off his entire repertoire of exaggerations, rhetoric and loud storytelling. The second is a surprise, a coach who comments on football exalting the performance of emerging players, from Saudi Arabia to Iran.

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They are different from each other but risk influencing each other. The race for catchphrases, for the more daring formula, is triggering a spiral that leads to the grotesque. Also because the character, the commentator, cannot become the protagonist instead of football, the game, the players, what happens on the pitch. The man from South America, Adani, against the man from the Persian Gulf, Stramaccioni. It can work until you go over the limit.

It is here that the character Adani detaches the character Stramaccioni: the sense of the limit. Stramaccioni is still largely inside, Adani is not. By now accustomed to Bobo TV, the format on Twitch that he shares with Vieri, Ventola and Cassano and which he also brought ‘in pills’ to Rai, has overturned the balance between lead and second voice, between commentator and commentator.

Yesterday, with Messi’s goal, Rai commentator Stefano Bizzotto was overwhelmed by Adani’s shouted monologue, at times disjointed. “Leo Messi! The best left foot in the world! From Di Maria to Messi, always Rosario! The city of football, one for the other, the game is unlocked!”. “Everybody stand up for the best player in the world! Respect for the number one!”. “Rosario, city of football! For this footballer who has been criticized too many times, even when he was in Barcelona, ​​when he arrived suffering as a young man, he has never forgotten Argentina. Rosarino speaks, he feels Argentina in his blood, he cried for the Selección and he’s the one who keeps it alive!”

An avalanche that silenced Bizzotto, the night compared to the day in comparison with Adani, who until proven otherwise must speak first and must be able to tell what is happening, before any comment.

Then, the commentator Adani gave way to the fan Adani, overflowing into the supernatural. “The mystic who enters the pitch. We nominated Diego 10 minutes ago: with Diego inside everything is possible! And here is Argentina’s tears and the wild eyes of the best player in the world. Vamos!”. The limit on show commentary has been exceeded. (from Fabio Insenga)

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