Qatar 2022 World Cup, Pizzul promotes Stramaccioni on TV

“Andrea Stramaccioni’s 2022 World Cup commentary? Everyone has his own style and his own way of doing things. He’s fine because he has a non-aggressive style, he doesn’t interfere excessively with a language that is more worthy of the ‘covercianese’ than of the World Cup and he has a cultural background that supports him, and therefore he does well”. To say it is none other than the famous Rai voice of football commentary Bruno Pizzul who, in an all-round interview with Adnkronos on the World Cup in Qatar, promotes Andrea Stramaccioni as commentator of the World Cup matches in Qatar, which have now become a social phenomenon .

“Among other things, he has gained experience in the area that allows him to make some remarkable observations”, adds Pizzul. Who then makes some considerations on how to do the commentary compared to the past. “It has changed – observes Pizzul, first voice for Rai of the matches of the Italian national football team from 1986 to 2002 and no less than 5 World Cups – because now there is this plurality of voices which determines a difficult balance. The feeling is that it is more a spoken football than a football proposed on television. For the rest they are all very well prepared, sometimes too much. And when you know too many things you tend to say them even if there is no need to say them. That is, it ends up that instead of Talk about Rivera’s aunt.”

In general, the World Cup “are difficult due to the non-technical situations, there have been controversies since the assignment to Qatar, characterized by an excessive importance of the economic implications, and certain ethical, moral and social needs have been overlooked. On the other hand part, when you try, and it’s not easy, to talk exclusively about results and football technique, I’d say they’re also acceptable”.

Starting from the attendances in the stadiums, on which criticisms rained down relating to the scarce presence of fans or the presence of ‘fake’ fans who would have been hired by the Qataris. “We Italians, who criticize, have to make some considerations from the point of view of attendance in stadiums: stadiums are always full – Pizzul articulates – Some say they fill them artificially: but I would invite everyone not to forget that when we have World Cup in Italy, which is a footballingly advanced country, I played matches in Verona or Udine where 300 people were present. So when we go to unionize the others, let’s remember that we are not immune from mistakes”.

The absence of Italy “is a pity, but sport in general and football in particular are only valid insofar as they transmit emotions, and emotions are not necessarily and only positive, they can also be negative. And the regret that there is no Italy is balanced by the presence of very pleasant teams”, the well-known reporter articulates. And he admits that making predictions isn’t easy: “Prediction? It’s difficult, but there are very, very interesting teams. Spain, for example, which however has internal problems, and England itself, which I would hold in high esteem. But then things happen that are absolutely unforeseen, and due to a series of particular circumstances, even chronological, such as the fact that we are in winter, incredible things can happen”, concludes Pizzul.

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