Qatar 2022 World Cup, the situation in group H after the 2nd day: results and standings

Qatar 2022 World Cup, the verdicts after the second day in group H: South Korea loses against Ghana 2-3; Portugal instead finds the 2-0 victory against Uruguay.

Qatar 2022 World Cup, group H results – 2nd day

South Korea – Ghana: 2-3

One of the two spectacular matches of the day that Monday of the World Cup in Qatar offered us, and certainly the one between South Korea and Ghana. Game that starts in the best way for Ghana that closes the first half with an advantage of 2 goals, and that at the resumption of the second half, we see the result equalized for 2-2 with 2 goals from Korea in 3 minutes. Kudus will then take care of it in the 68th minute to give Ghana the lead thus giving 3 important points to the African team, which thus takes them to 3 points, behind Portugal and ahead of Korea and Uruguay. Ghana who will face Uruguay on the final day, where by getting a draw they could also qualify as runners-up!

Portugal – Uruguay: 2-0

Portugal is officially in the round of 16 of the tournament. To be decided on the third day, if the formation of CR7 will pass as first or second. Everything will depend on the goal difference between the first and second in the standings, in order to establish who will challenge Brazil, now almost certainly qualified as first in their group, thus reaching the round of 16 with one of the favorites to win the final. A match played against Uruguay that saw Portugal in really great shape, skilled as always in ball possession and also physically strong with a very solid midfield. 2-0 the final result, against a Uruguay who fought but could not find the goal. 7 shots for Uruguay, 3 on goal, against Portugal’s 22 shots, 7 on target.

The situation in group H

After the second day Portugal is first in the standings with 6 points, Ghana second with 3 points and Korea and Uruguay third and fourth with 1 points. Situation that now sees Portugal qualified for the round of 16, with the goal difference that will decide, in the event of a victory for Ghana, which formation will pass as first of the group. For South Korea and Uruguay, only one result is needed, to win and get the 3 points.

Group H standings

  1. Portugal: 6
  2. Ghana: 3
  3. South Korea: 1
  4. Uruguay: 1

Group H calendar

1st day

24/11 Uruguay – South Korea: 0-0

24/11 Portugal – Ghana: 3-2

2nd day

28/11 South Korea – Ghana:

28/11 Portugal – Uruguay:

3rd day

02/12 Tunisia – France (4.00 pm)

02/12 South Korea – Portugal (4.00 pm)

The world of football is similar to that of entertainment: the president of the team is the producer, the coach is the director, the sporting director is equivalent to the production manager, the players are obviously the actors and the match is the film.

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