Qatargate, Eva Kaili’s sister has asked to cancel her activities from the transparency registers of EU lobbies

It moves around the closest family members of Eva Kailifather and sister, the new front that affects the interests, yesterday and today, of the former vice president of European Parliament arrested in December on bribery charges under the Qatargate. It’s about Madeleine and of his father Alexandrostwo nerve figures to decipher moves and actions of the Greek deputy, currently still in prison in Belgium.

Madeleine Kaili he is taking care to eliminate some traces of the common activities he had with Eva in the Ong sector. This is demonstrated by the attempt to remove the name of the Greek NGO of Madalena, MADE Group, from EU transparency registers. It is a reality that had developed a network of projects closely aligned with Eva’s work in parliament. MADE Group has repeatedly participated in EU tenders even getting to receive more than one hundred thousand euros from a pilot program promoted by Eva Kaili in Parliament.

As reported by Politicin Brussels Madalena was known as the executive director of ELONtech, an observatory for technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, whose events were sometimes held in the European Parliament and featured Eva as a speaker. After the Qatargate scandal broke in late 2022, ELONtech quickly went unnoticedremoving all references to both sisters from her website. Madalena recently asked the organization to delete all activity information.

A name of weight, like Vicky Kanor one of the managers of, told a Politic that Kaili sent several more emails requesting the removal of ELONtech information. It should be remembered that Kaili’s NGO-related activity started in 2013 when he assumed the presidency of the Research Center for Equality Issues where Eva, in violation of internal regulations, immediately hired her sister Madalena, who however had never seen each other: both had a secret friend, who worked in an NGO based in Ilion who had undertaken Green Fund programs. Madalena was also on the board of the NGO in question.

But beyond the case relating to the sister of Eva Kaili, the question is intertwined with two other strands: on the one hand the elections in Greece next April and on the other the overall positioning in view of next year’s European polls given the repercussions on the socialist world. Meanwhile, Eva’s father, the protagonist of the well-known escape with a suitcase full of money, is back in the news Sofitel on Place Jourdan. It is a very prominent figure whose electoral base is not small and on which the appetites of the Greek political forces are concentrating in view of the elections scheduled for next spring.

Mr. Alexandros, born in Istanbul, immediately supported his daughter in her political career: first positioned on the right in her student years, then approached the nationalist party of Karatzaferis, and then affiliated with the socialists of PASOK. A former member of the board of directors of Papageorgiou hospital in the Central Macedonia region, appointed by the current conservative minister Adonis Gheorghiadis, despite not having the slightest connection with the health field since he had studied mechanical engineering, he was very close to a controversial name in politics Greek like the Prefect of Thessaloniki, Panagiotis Psomiadis. The latter was the protagonist of a judicial scandal in 2011 when he was accused of corruption in a rather original way: contracts worth hundreds of thousands of euros had been divided into small jobs of 45 thousand euros, to be given in direct custody. The indictment includes 456 projects in the period 2005-2010, with damage to the Greek state exceeding 4 million euros.


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