QD-OLED: Initial Panel Specification

Independent certifier SGS has revealed some pertinent details about the new QD-OLED panels that could prove to be the biggest sensation this year. What we learned can really be liked.

QD-OLED panels from Samsung Display promise to be great

In 2022, Samsung Display is throwing the gauntlet to its compatriots from LG Display. Responding to many years of domination in the sector of large OLED panels for televisions, it brings to the market QD-OLED displays with blue organic LEDs and a layer of quantum dots – known from QLED televisions, and eliminating the color filter. The very assumptions of this technology meant that we could expect higher clarity and the data disclosed by SGS clearly support this.

So how about this clarity? While LG Display’s OLED panels typically offer around 500-600 nits, QD-OLED panels from Samsung Display will reach up to 1000 nits. The issue of color reproduction looks equally good – Samsung displays will cover over 90% of the BT.2020 space, and in those provided by LG Display this value fluctuates around 70-75%.

QD-OLED constructionConstruction of the QD-OLED panel. Straight to the limit.

At the same time, QD-OLED panels will offer as deep black and infinite contrast as OLEDs from LG Display – this is simply due to the use of self-illuminating LEDs corresponding to individual pixels. Of course, just like the pros, so do the minuses – so there’s still a risk of screen burn-in.

OLED vs QD-OLED duel. We can not wait

For more precise comparisons – of course – we have to wait until the first TV sets with QD-OLED panels actually appear on the market. And we know that it will happen this year – interestingly, the first device of this type will not come from Samsung, but it will be the Sony Bravia XR A95K model (presented at CES 2022).

Launch the video

LG Display, of course, is not going to give up. This year, it introduces the OLED EX technology, which, thanks to a new type of LEDs, will allow to increase the brightness of the displays. The company is also driving the development of MicroLED backlight panels, which while maintaining the advantages of OLEDs, eliminate their disadvantages. For now, however, they have another serious drawback – a huge price.

Source: SGS, The Verge, own information

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