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The School Feeding Program (PAE) works like a Swiss watch: punctual and perfect. During the current administration, not only has attendance increased but improved, allowing students to receive quality meals on time, thereby achieving the objectives established by the government.

By this account, the third delivery of food started last Friday and like the previous two, it will reach three million students of all educational levels who study in 34,256 official establishments administered by the executive branch.

It should be remembered that the results of this mission go beyond the classroom, as they have an impact on community economies, as it is the neighbors who provide many of the food items included in the bags through Organizations of Origin (OPF). ,

In the same way, it encourages production and creates jobs, although most importantly, PAE has become an important part of the great national crusade for nutrition, a strategy that is personally directed by the head of state. wants to get involved and address the food insecurity that has affected Guatemalan households for many years.

In 2023, the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) plans to make seven deliveries, for which it has budgeted Q3172.4 million, for the acquisition and distribution of corn flour, black beans, noodles, wheat atole, sugar, meat soy would be sufficient for , oil, eggs and bananas, among other inputs.

Finally, it must be reiterated that the program, to which the merits of Minduq and the officers of the OPF belong, has allowed children, adolescents and young people to remain in the classroom, an effort that will strengthen the nation building we all aspire to. .

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