QUIZ for real omnibuses. 6/10 is a great challenge

10 difficult questions, 10 difficult answers. Take our quiz and see if you can consider yourself a real omnibus!

Your score:

2/10 If we want to reach the top of Świnica, we have to go to:


Western Tatras

Belianske Tatras

High Tatras

3/10 The work of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal has never been led by:

Andrzej Rzepliński

Jacek Dubois

Jerzy Stępień

Marek Safjan

4/10 Since 2015, the Liverpool coach has been:

Alex Ferguson

Pep Guardiola

Rafael Benitez

Jurgen Klopp

5/10 Patrizia Reggiani in the 90s ordered the murder of her husband:

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Dior

Maurizio Gucci

Cristobal Balenciaga

6/10 Łukasz Mejza is:

Deputy Minister of Sport

deputy minister of national defense

deputy minister of culture

deputy minister of internal affairs and administration

7/10 The younger sister of the title Balladyna from Juliusz Słowacki’s drama is:





8/10 Freddie Mercury never recorded a song:

“The Show Must Go On”

“I Want to Break Free”

“Freedom! ’90 “

“We Will Rock You”

9/10 North Macedonia does not border:





10/10 In which of these films we will not see Lady Gaga?

“Sin City 2: A Lady worth a sin”

“A Star is Born”


“Gucci House”

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