QUIZ for real omnibuses. There are no easy questions here!

For a chilly November evening, we’ve prepared another in a series of challenging general knowledge quizzes for you. There are no easy questions here!

Your score:

2/10 The capital of Chile is:





3/10 In which of the Marvel films did Piotr Adamczyk star?


“The Incredible Hulk”

“The Incredible Hulk”


4/10 When do we celebrate St. Andrew’s Day?

on the night of February 27-28

on the night of November 29-30

15 August

October 31

5/10 Most times in history, he received the Golden Ball:

Marco van Basten

Michel Platini

Leo Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

6/10 Which of the famous Polish players was the husband of Doda?

Kamil Glik

Radoslaw Majdan

Artur Boruc

Wojciech Szczęsny

7/10 Which of these brands does not belong to Anna Lewandowska?

Pat & Rub


Foods by Ann


8/10 Gabriela Kownacka has gained great recognition from viewers thanks to not only theatrical but also serial roles. For 9 years she played Anna Kwiatkowska in:

“M like love”


“For good and for bad”

“Foster family”

9/10 We will not see Dawid Ogrodnik in the film:

“Silent Night”

“Disco polo”

“Bad House”

“You are God”

10/10 Which of these cities is not located on the Amber Highway?





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