R. Madrid – Osasuna: Bellingham leads Real Madrid to victory over Osasuna

NOr you have doubts. Real Madrid found the match And the solidity required of a leader, which he lost at Metropolitan. Of course, everything becomes easier when there are football players everywhere.number of bellingham They are overwhelming, and their impact on the game is equally or even more overwhelming. He appeared to be unblocked from a duel with the unknown Osasuna, but was soft and lacked confidence and offered little resistance. Almost everything worked out, thanks to our own failures and the successes of others. Choamni Central, modric In the control Josel unavoidable goals, and even Vinicius I took the chance to get back on track. A player who scored a goal and had a good game.

Real Madrid’s English midfielder Jude Bellingham expressed his joy after scoring 2-0 in the EA Sports League match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at Madrid’s Santiago Bernab Stadium.Zipi AragonEFE

There are very few afternoons where Madrid make things worse from the start.He did it on an unexpected day because Osasuna is usually a bernab bone, for defensive discipline and concentration. Thanks to the usual forecast, the weather forecast was wrong in less than 10 minutes. jude bellingham. He took advantage of the white team’s excellent vertical combination, from Modric to Carvajal on the right wing, leaving Carvajal to prepare for the arrival of the Englishman. Grit and quality were the indefatigable “5” responsibilities. He went to the stands, spread his arms in a cross, and listened to the White Team’s soundtrack, “Hey Jude.”

MX: La Liga (J9) Real Madrid 1-0 Osasuna (Bellingham)

With a start like this, any plan seems invincible. Ancelotti resolves suspicions between Choamni and Mendy In a Solomon style, Aurélien was the starter (center) and Ferland was also (side). He also placed Modric on the right and Camavinga on the axis as a solo fixer. It went very well for 30 minutes. White team’s clear advantage, patiently cycling from side to side and testing the Reds’ safety. This wasn’t bad at all, as Madrid didn’t shoot on goal again in the first half. If there is no Hagoba in the band, what happens to others will not happen to you, so how correct is his idea?It was Arquiza who reorganized the block of “Rubenes” by changing the band, right Garcia was on the left, and Pea was on the left. And while Aleso is keeping a close eye on Vinicius, he is still far from where he was before the injury.

The pace of the match slowed down after 30 minutes and overlapped with several matches. Camavinga’s absurd loss. He is an incredible driver with an unstoppable stride, but sometimes relies on simple passes. The sins of youth. Moncayola and Thor have grown up.the first half ended with a great chance from Rojillo. Carvajal’s loss leaves Budimir alone in the penalty spot, comfortable. He finished with his left foot while throwing his body back and sent it over the crossbar.

That fear alerted the team as they returned from the locker room. No need to change, added intensity and finished the game. Joselu was able to solve David Garka’s mistake, but there were too many crosses. Bellingham also took advantage of the space between the center back and winger to score a header, but it fell short. I won’t forgive you anymore. When Osasuna’s batting line stopped in front of him, he came in from the right and threw. Wall with Valverde And he quietly decided, “Jude, Jude, Jude.”

MX: La Liga (J9) Real Madrid 2-0 Osasuna (Bellingham)

The second goal demoralized Osasuna, who ignored the fundamentals of stopping Madrid from conceding goals in their search for goals. So, after a pair of good hands from Kepa, a steal from Camavinga allowed Valverde to play a long pass into the run of Vinicius, making it unstoppable. He measured Herrera, expanded to his left and scored into an empty goal. As if it were that simple.

MX: La Liga (J9) Real Madrid 3-0 Osasuna (Vinicius)

Madrid continued to push, but Exploit Osasunista’s defensive advantages. Choamni played a long ball into the space Vinicius poked, but his pair paid little attention. He persisted and waited for Josel to arrive and score. The other is the center forward account. Moments later, they were able to increase their points with a penalty from David Garcia’s clear hand.

MX: La Liga (J9) Real Madrid 4-0 Osasuna (Joselu)

Given the maximum penalty, he aimed down the middle and Herrera, an expert on the shot (ask him about Benzema), deflected the shot. He celebrated excessively and stormed the stands.. With a closed ovation, Luka Modric Taking turns incentivizes the gentlest final stage. Madrid go to break tied for the lead It is one of the decisive periods of the season and brings an unparalleled feeling. Visit to Pizjun and Bara. That’s another story.

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