“Rabiot’s qualities I don’t discover now”

The Technical Commissioner of the France Didier Deschamps spoke at the press conference on the eve of the match against Poland valid for the second round of the World Cup in Qatar,

In addition to presenting the challenge, the transalpine coach is keen to talk about Adrien Rabiotmidfielder of the Juventus which is amazing everyone in this World.

France, Rabiot and the investiture of Pogba

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France, Rabiot and the investiture of Pogba

Deschamps on Rabiot: “I won’t find out his level now”

Already a goal and an assist for Rabiot in this world Cup (both in the 4-1 against l‘Australia debut) but in general a level of performance that impresses everyone a bit, especially the Juventus fans, who are not used to seeing their player express himself at these levels except in the recent period.

The French CT recognizes the value of Rabiot in this World Cup:

“His level is certainly not revealed now, although unfortunately there were some problems at a certain point. Now he is returning to the standards he showed with his own club teams. Humanly speaking, it is as you see it, I know well, only that he has removed some things that once could have been annoying. Now he is a total player, he defines himself as a balanced footballer, that’s not a bad thing, he is capable of playing well both in defense and in attack. He understands and knows where it should be”.

Deschamps on Poland: “They have good players, we’re aiming for the quarter-finals”

Sunday 4 December, the France Reigning World Champion will play against Polandwho qualified for the round of 16 as runners-up in the Group C behind theArgentina.

The Poles, despite not being the favourites, can count on a respectable squad with great international experience, with many players from our A league.

deschamps seems aware of the pitfalls that this match hides:

“We will meet a team that likes to play in defense, they have a group of players with excellent international experience. They can count on Szczesny, Glik, Lewandowski, but also on young players. My boys are aware that it won’t be easy. The goal is reach the quarter-finals. Lewandowski? He’s a type of player who needs to be limited. He uses his whole body really well. The slightest ball can be dangerous, but we won’t focus on him. Today even a great national team, if it’s not ready, can have unpleasant situations”.

World Cup, the "Italians" qualified for the round of 16

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World Cup, the “Italians” qualified for the round of 16

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