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20/03/2020 17h18 – up-to-Date on the 20/03/2020 17h18

The statement was given by a representative of the developer in an open forum on the internet

By: Martin Haas / Acoustic-FM radio – Photo by Handout / Epic Games

What's new! Fortnite is to receive incredible content coming soon, says Epic Games

A representative from Epic Games, the developer of the game, Fortnite, has stated that the contents of the unbelievable come in the battle royal. The statement has been given on the forum and Reddit.

Fortnite is one of the biggest hits among the games of today, with versions for all the major gaming platforms such as Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC. “We are genuinely hurt by the fact that many are suffering from the problems of the performance of the game, and we want to achieve the best user experience possible,” the statement said. “We are working to improve the experience, while at the same time, we will add things to the game, such as with the Choppa and the content is incredible what we have planned,” said a representative from Epic Games.

In spite of the text-no hint of what is to come has been given to you.



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