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23/03/2020 14h36 – up-to-Date on the 23/03/2020 14h36

Also, you are experiencing some of the problems in the game

By: Daniel Larusso – Acoustic-FM – Photo: Playback / CAPCOM

PUMP players are bug-uncommon Resident Evil 3 Remake

With the recent release of Resident Evil 3 And the Remake of the Capcom games, the players of the popular franchise, they have found a bug in the unusual into the game. The fact that it was run by the canal, the Slender and Joel on Saturday.

And, of course, the bug involves the powerful boss of the Nemesis. In the video, you can see the creature running towards the gate without stopping. However, the animation for the boss to stand still “with me” When the Characters in that game (a playable character) comes to the gate, and the Fan gets rid of the bug.

The difficulty for the player, it was also announced on Twitter. The problem is in the game without compromising on the gameplay. So, you can rest assured that, in the event you flagre of this “incident”, it will not mess up your gameplay.

Check out the video:



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