Radio Bonanza Power Ranking – Week 6

The Power Ranking of Radio Bonanza is back, the one that contains the most quotes in the world and this week themed film! For each team is indicated the movement in the standings compared to last week.

  1. Buffalo Bills (+1) – SPACE JAM. They are as devastating as the Monstars if they also took the talent of Michael Jordan and Bill Murray. Revenge against the Chiefs that is good for morale, sidereal at every stage of the game. Space Josh extraterrestrial.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles (-1) – THE HURTS LOCKER. Bigelow won six Academy Awards for an almost unexpected film at that level. Our Eagles are unstoppable and sail 6-0 in a Division that week after week is proving to be extremely guerrilla and combative.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs (=) – KILL BILL VOL.1. Sunday’s battle against Buffalo ended as Beatrix Kiddo’s wedding to that bleached blonde dude who had a record shop in El Paso, but there will be an opportunity to seek revenge against Bill (s).
  1. Minnesota Vikings (+3) – THE NORTHMAN. 5-1 and a whole North floundering in difficulty makes O’Connell’s Viking kingdom truly intriguing and juicy, like any role played by Alexander Skarsgard and throws Minnesota into forbidden lands in recent seasons.

the nortman power ranking

  1. New York Giants (+6) – THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. But instead of Jonah Hill, there’s Brian Daboll. And if from 5-1 with the calendar that appears to be manageable by the Giants, scenes like those of the pool party are expected. Eye: let’s baptize the funeral with NYG like the surprise of the year is coming.
  2. San Francisco 49ers (-1) – KYLE SHANAHAN’S DROPULA. Were they craving for NFC West? Did they seem to have found a turning point despite Nick Bosa’s stop? Instead, errors of concentration and execution O # and an unexpected defeat against the rattling Atlanta Falcons. And now the Chiefs arrive – more than garlic exorcisms.
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3) – NOT A COUNTRY FOR OLD PEOPLE. Choose which character to play Tom Brady who isn’t going through the best of times. Tommy Lee Jones? Javier Bardem? Woody Harrelson? Josh Brolin? You really choose. The Bucs are in a stagnant 3-3 and the L against the Steelers turns on small alarms.

brady bardem PR

  1. Baltimore Ravens (-1) – SIGNS. The Ravens have lost 3 games after being ahead by 10 points or more, losing in 4/4 in trivial errors (such as the sequence that led to Lamar’s interception) or simply failing to close the games, also thanks to a defense unexpectedly permissive especially on secondary schools. There is clearly a problem with the endings, and M. Night Shyamalan knows something about it, at least in the case of Signs.
  2. Los Angeles Chargers (=) – BROTHER WHERE ARE YOU? The Coens are inspired by the Odyssey to adapt the tragicomic epic of a group of escapees with their proverbial stylistic code. The vicissitudes of the protagonists arouse amazement, bitterness and fun, sometimes in a distinct way, sometimes mixed all together. A bit like the seasons of the Chargers. The film ends with a happy ending, who knows. Meanwhile, they keep pace with the Chiefs in the division and detach the disappointing Broncos-LV.
  1. Los Angeles Rams (+3) – LICORICE PIZZA. Our first love for McVay will never go away and will travel through time, over the years. A love that is now becoming tortuous like the vicissitudes of Licorice: The Rams are not exactly beautiful to look at and the W against the Panthers comes with difficulty.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals (+4) TOP GUN. Burrow and Chase find chemistry worthy of Maverick and Goose, the Bengals regain altitude. 3 games to win are on the way to confirm that the 2021 Aces are back.

Top Gun Power ranking

  1. Dallas Cowboys (-3) – THE HATEFUL SIX. Mike McCarthy in a western thriller in which he must investigate the 6 victories of the Eagles gang. Spoiler: He’s not going to come out very well. And he has to be careful who’s doing the Giants in the room. At least now the Cowboy Dak is back.
  1. New York Jets (+10)DUNES (2021). They are returning to the limelight after years of oblivion. They shine in a new light, as Herbert’s cornerstone transposed on film by Villeneuve pushes away the rumors of an “infilmable” legacy of a bygone era, one of the very few mistakes in David Lynch’s career.
  1. New England Patriots (=) THE EMPIRE STRIKES AGAIN. After the end of the marriage between Brady and the Patriots and the umpteenth Super Bowl of the first, many had scapicollati on the wagon labeled “BB is a creature of TB”. The Patriots, however, remained there, a little in the shadows, flying low, without attracting attention but without ever giving the impression of being truly finished. They haven’t returned yet, but the dark side is still there, ready to strike.
  1. 1 Green Bay Packers (-3) – ANNIHILATION. Alex Garland, Natalie Portman and a psychedelic surreal novel by Jeff VanderMeer. A truly delusional story, with hallucinogenic alien substances. Here perhaps this annihilating start to the season of Rodgers & associates could be found in the most horror parts of this production.
  1. Miami Dolphins (-6) – INTERSTELLAR. As in Nolan’s big movie, the Dolphins showed two faces in this first part of the season. The first electrifying in all aspects of the game, the second (after Tua injury) that leaves some regret. As in the last half hour of the film with the explanations on love and pentadimensional beings in Murph’s library.

Interstellar PR

  1. Tennessee Titans (=)BYE WEEK. We recommend watching ELVIS to pass the wait to the rhythm of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  1. Atlanta Falcons (+3) – MEET MARIOTA. Incredible epic where a Georgian team without Cordarellone Patterson reinvents itself around the multifaceted Hawaiian talent of Marcus Mariota who hands his business card to the Shanahan family and the 49ers.
  1. Seattle Seahawks (+3) – INTERCEPTOR (MAD MAX). Tariq Woolen as Mel Gibson? The Australian saga re-evaluated as Geno Smith’s career? The Seahawks and Grandpa Pete still seem to have a few pebbles to throw out of their shoes and in the Northwest the vintage is maintaining a decent level of quality.
  1. Cleveland Browns (-2) – TRAINSPOTTING. Not that there is a particular correlation, but being a Brown fan is a condition that drives drug use at least as much as growing up in the working-class suburbs of Edinburgh. Especially bad in defense. Did DC Joe Woods take a drink in the face?

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (-4)ZOOLANDER. Ben Stiller aka Derek Zoolander is an acclaimed model who can’t turn left. The Jaguars are a team with a QB that could be the model, but who no longer know how to win. After the exploit against the Chargers comes the third defeat in a row, 2 against divisional rivals. He needs a Magnum to reverse course.
  1. Indianapolis Colts (+2)IN THE CENTER OF THE MIRINO. Much like Clint Eastwood in Petersen’s film, Matt Ryan is old and tired, many question whether he can still be skilled, but determined to do his duty. He gives a performance of yesteryear with 389 yds, 3TD, 0 TO and not even a sack. He doesn’t save the president like Clint, but the Colts are fine with it anyway.
  1. New Orleans Saints (-4) – 007: PRIVATE REVENGE. 1989 and Dalton as James Bond does anyone remember? Andy Dalton could have his private revenge against the Bengals, #einveceno red rifle code failed. Better the storytelling of Chase and Burrow in Louisiana.


  1. Denver Broncos (-4)THE BLACK TOWER. That is, how to waste a high-level cast – in this case McCounaghey and Idris Elba – by putting on a disarming show for how bad it is. Read the King saga (yes it’s a masterpiece) and change the channel when the Broncos play.
  1. Las Vegas Raiders (=) BYE WEEK. But if you lack marauders and post-apocalyptic scenarios reminiscent of LV’s defense, Genesis Code is the movie for you.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (+2) – THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS. Revived Mitch Trubisky gives a totally unexpected upset. This does not make them credible or less scarce, but they give us some emotion, a bit like the directorial debut of RZA.

  1. Detroit Lions (=) – BYE WEEK. THE HAND OF GOFF. The genesis of a boy named Jared’s love for American football.
  1. Arizona Cardinals (-2) – CRAZY, STUPID, KEIM. Worst Ryan Kingsbury Gosling Movie? We say yes. Better Young Hercules. But we want to blame fairly on a really poorly built roster by GM Steve Keim.

ryan gosling power ranking

  1. Washington Commanders (+2) – THE MAN WITHOUT SLEEP. That is the terror of staying awake and having to watch a Washington game. Experience that we fear is not isolated to the only TNF won against the Bears.
  1. Houston Texans (=)BYE WEEK. Hell or High Water it deserves to be seen and reviewed at every change of season, even if only to admire Jeff Bridges in US Marhsall version against the decadent background of West Texas.
  1. Chicago Bears (-2) – MORBIUS. Hit play and enjoy Jared Leto in yet another over-acting of the season. Look at it with the open eyes of A Clockwork Orange: here, this is the championship of the Bears so far. The Eberflus era has not yet begun. And -perhaps- it won’t even start.


  1. Carolina Panthers (=) – TITANIC. As the ship sinks and the Robbie Andersons begin to launch out to sea in search of safety, McCaffrey plays the part of the orchestra that continues to play undeterred as the world around him plunges into the abyss.

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