Radmila, from the Odessa theater to the gym in Brescia

Radmila Aitova she is a dancer and an athlete. Until a few weeks she danced on the stage of theOdessa Opera and Ballet Theater, whirled on toes during his solos. In December he was in Bologna al Pole sport World championship 2021, a discipline in which he is a true ace. Now those feet that hold it up and give it momentum have it flown to Bucharest. And soon they will take her to Brescia where she has a job waiting for her at the Klas studio gym in via Orzinuovi, in the city. You just need to find her a home, but like her there are many athletes.

«Ukrainians and Russians – explains the owner Enrico Filippini – they are the best in the world at aerial acrobatics and we are currently in contact with about ten of them, some hidden in the bunkers. Through the “Posa – Pole sport and world federation”, which is based in Switzerland, some artists have left Ukraine and among these there is also Radmila ».

The dancer and choreographer from Brescia then the will offer a job. But it does not end there: the world of dance is a large community, it does not look at borders or passports, it moves to save as many athletes as possible and becomes a collector of needs and possibilities. Jobs and homes are sought. Not only in Brescia, wherever it is far from the war: «We want to give them an opportunity wherever it is – explains Filippini -: Julia Damova, Ukrainian president of Pole sport has found shelter with her family in Spain. But there are also many athletes who do not want to leave ».

In via Orzinuovi then a movement has also been created that contributes to bringing medicines, clothes and non-perishable food to war zones.