Radosław Majewski talked about the alcohol scandal in the Polish national team

The starting point for those events was the friendly match with Ukraine. On August 21, 2008 – a day after a 0-1 defeat with our eastern neighbors – Leo Beenhakker excluded Boruc, Dudka and Majewski from the grouping. It was a punishment for consuming alcohol. Others participated in the scandal, but managed to avoid responsibility.

– There were more people in the room. It looked average – we lost this match, even after the game such an excess, it all came out to the surface. I exaggerated and apologized, admitted Majewski.

A difficult morning for teammates

The alcohol-drenched evening had consequences in the form of a difficult morning. Majewski mentioned various problems, both his own and his colleagues.

– Artur Boruc told me later that I wanted to pour milk over the cereal on a flat plate and they gently poured out. Later this story circulated. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. Artur went to breakfast without shoes, Darek Dudka also did his scenes. You will know Darek what’s going on – said the 34-year-old.

Majewski is the favorite of the media. The aftermath of the alcohol scandal

In August 2008, Radosław Majewski was the least recognizable of the three players punished by Leo Beenhakker. Artur Boruc then performed in Celtic Glasgow, Dariusz Dudka was freshly transferred to Auxerre, and the current player of the Perpetual Krakow had just changed the Grodzisk Wielkopolski Discobolis for Polonia Warsaw.

– I was a minor then, they went abroad and were still in the frame. I remember when we were going with the Polonia to the match in Łódź, I got on the bus and there with 15 cameras. They were abroad, so only came back later when everything was quiet. There was a lot of interest then – Majewski concluded.

The entire conversation between Radosław Majewski and Sebastian Staszewski can be viewed on YouTube.

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