Radosław Sikorski wanted to attack PiS on gas prices. PGNiG explains its mishap

Radosław Sikorski (PO) stated that high gas prices are the result of PiS speculating “on the stock exchange with gas options”. “Gas prices are a global problem caused by Gazprom’s manipulations,” PGNiG representatives responded to the MEP’s entry. They explained that the Russian company had deliberately failed to fill its European gas storage facilities before winter, which sparked concerns about a shortage of fuel at the height of the heating season.

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The MP from the Civic Platform decided to attack PiS on global gas prices.

“If it is true that Polish companies and households will pay gigantic gas bills, incl. because Nomination geniuses *** speculated on the stock market with gas options and lost billions, it is this government that should be wiped out, commented Sikorski.

Representatives of PGNiG (Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo) responded to his entry on Twitter.

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“The truth is that gas prices are a global problem caused by Gazprom’s manipulations. The whole world knows about it. A politician who was responsible for international affairs and whose decisions had an impact on the current situation in Poland should also know about it, ”they emphasized.

In the years 2007–2014, Sikorski was the minister of foreign affairs in the government of Donald Tusk. It was at that time that the Polish government repeatedly appealed to Fr. “Reset” in relations with Russia, closer cooperation and signed agreements with Moscow. – Russia is the guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine – he even argued Radoslaw Sikorski.

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PGNiG indicated that it does not conduct any speculative activities. “The Company consistently implements a long-term strategy of managing the risk of volatility of commodity prices, currencies and interest rates. It is a common practice used throughout the industry, ”it explained.

It added that, unlike other companies, Gazprom did not fill its European warehouses before winter.

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“This raised concerns about the lack of fuel at the height of the heating season, which resulted in a sharp increase in gas prices on European exchanges,” we read.

As written, The average level of gas stocks in storage in the European Union was much lower in autumn 2021 than in the last five years.

“The average was significantly depressed by the warehouses in the EU countries belonging to Gazprom, which did not fill them before winter, which resulted in an increase in prices” – emphasized.

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