Rafael, from Botafogo, jokes about the possible transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo: “We are rich”

THE Botafogo is packed in season. The alvinegros are in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil and in the G4 of the Brazilian Championship.

The club’s good moment after signing the SAF made right-back Rafael joke about the possibility of hiring striker Cristiano Ronaldo, from Manchester United.

“Man, I’ll be honest, I believe it can be. He’s not so happy there, from what I hear the guys don’t really want him there either, I don’t know. It’s the two ways. Manchester are not going to the Champions League. He has to see where he’s going, it’s no use just to play in the Champions League, because it won’t solve it. He’s scoring a lot of goals, he’s just not winning. I don’t know, but I think it will. Sometimes they don’t want to play in the Champions League, they want to play in the Brasileirão, they come to Botafogo. We are rich, right? Flow Sport Club.

Rafael, who has even played for the English club, recalled that Botafogo has already brought in a world-renowned player in the recent past.

“After Seedorf came, I believe in everything. It was bizarre when he came, even I couldn’t believe it, as a Botafogo native. Worse, he did very well. He played a lot,” he declared.

Rafael has been recovering from surgery on the Achilles tendon. The right-back is expected to return to the pitch in July.

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