Rafael Nadal aims to become president of Real Madrid and Mbappé!

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During his long years of constant exploits on the court, especially at Roland Garros where the Majorcan won no less than 14 titles, Rafael Nadal never hid his love for football and especially for Real Madrid. One club he mentioned in an interview with Movistar.

With a confidence when he was asked the question of being the future president of Real Madrid. Yes, taking over from Florentino Pérez could become a reality. “It’s not my dream but I would like to do it. But today we have the best president. Then life takes turns and you have to ask yourself if you are worthy of certain things. ,

“Who doesn’t like Mbappé? ,

While waiting to see whether Nadal will sooner or later become the new boss of the merengue club, Nadal has clearly placed himself on a hot issue, namely the arrival of an attacker and especially Kylian Mbappé. “Maybe another striker would be good, I think so too. A great transfer was made with Bellingham. Mbappé? Yes, of course, I have no problem with Mbappé. Quite the opposite. I will be happy if he comes. Of course I like Mbappé. Who doesn’t like Mbappé? “, said Nadal, who believes Bondy’s rift does not deserve criticism for his choices to stay in Paris. “What responsibility did Mbappé have? Real Madrid is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is bigger than any player. This is the reality. Mbappe has no obligation to come to Real Madrid when we, the Real Madrid fans, want him to come. »

to sum up

Rafael Nadal is considering the job as Real Madrid president and is hoping for Mbappe’s arrival. The tennis legend, who is fond of football and Real Madrid, will see himself succeeding Florentino Pérez at the head of the club. He also supports the arrival of Mbappé, believing that Real Madrid is bigger than any one player and that Mbappé should not be criticized for his choices.

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