Rafael Paz calls for prioritizing storm water drainage and not waiting for human lives to make it count

Rafael Paz, the mayoral candidate of the National District for the People’s Force (FP), assured that the authorities are ignoring the problem of storm water drainage in the capital regardless of the rate at which the area grows and develops , it worsens and turns much of the city into a ticking time bomb.

Paz pointed out that he criticizes the situation in Constituency 1 of the National District, which he confirms: “According to studies, its soil has a water-repellent level of more than 98%. This combined with limited drainage makes our Turns the city into a ticking time bomb.

He also explained that “we cannot wait for increasingly incessant torrential rains to cause a major tragedy to solve the problem.” “The cost of prioritizing the city’s drainage cannot be expected to be calculated in human lives,” he said.

The leader of the FP, which is part of the organization’s political directorate, led a tour of the Cristo Rey sector in constituency 2 of the national district, saying that “it is a problem that is under our feet and that becomes apparent only when When the rains bring it to the fore, and that the authorities responsible for solving it have taken advantage of it.”

Dozens of leaders and followers exchange their aspirations and concerns with the residents of the area, Calmness revealed that “perhaps only a quarter of the district has storm water drainage.”

He said: “I know it has a high economic cost, in addition to the fact that it requires a clear commitment from the mayor’s office, the Ministry of Public Works, the central government and the CAASD, without ruling out any intervention. External Congress for financial assistance, but we cannot pretend that a new city has been built on the structures of an old city which has collapsed”.

He pointed out that the subtle situations that arise from not solving this should be looked at, “Some are not immediately felt, but they are escalating, such as contamination, damage to infrastructure and those experienced by Santo Domingo last year.” Macro effects like floods, which have left behind deaths and material damage that we are yet to count”.

In this sense, he said that beyond aesthetics: “We cannot limit city management to the realization of small works with media impact of the moment, except those important works that speak to the vision of the city we have and of the future that he has”.

“We have to move towards innovative solutions based on consensus among actors and looking towards the environment,” said Paz.

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