Rafaella Santos reveals the names of her 3 babies after returning with Gabigol

Digital influencer Rafaella Santos talked about being a mother and surprised fans

The digital influencer Rafaella Santosplayer’s sister Neymar Jr. – of Paris Saint Germain, revealed what the names of their three children will be. The influencer and businesswoman is 26 years old and has very clear plans for motherhood. Even the names of the heirs have already been chosen!

Currently, Rafa is dating the soccer player gabigol, Flamengo forward. The couple got back together in March of this year, after breaking up with each other for a few months. Both announced the reconciliation after the player attended an event promoted by the then ex-girlfriend. At the time, he launched a cosmetics brand.

On her social networks, the influencer opened a box of questions to talk to her followers. A lot of people asked about the famous future plans, especially with regard to love life. Without making mysteries, she ended the curiosity of the fans.

“When are you getting married?”, asked an internet user. Rafaella Santos confessed that he wants to get married, but also made it clear that he has no plans for that to happen anytime soon. “When God willing, no rush”, she replied to the follower.

She also said that she has a dream to be a mother. And her wish is not to have a child, but three babies! The children’s names are chosen and Rafaella would like to have two boys and a little girl. The trio will be called: Maria Sofia, José and Joaquim.

But, while the little ones don’t arrive, the sister of the star Neymar Jr. is mom of pet! She takes care of four dogs. Being a Bulldog, a Labrador and two of the Pomeranian Lulu breed, called Onna, Zola, Ozzy and Ammy.

It is worth remembering that not so long ago there were several rumors that Rafaella Santos was expecting her first baby with Gabigol. At the time, some netizens noticed that the influencer was showing off a slightly different belly. Although at first she didn’t speak up about the news, she revealed that she wanted to have three heirs.

Neymar Jr's sister, influencer Rafaella Santos, revealed her plans for the future

Instagram reproduction Neymar Jr’s sister, influencer Rafaella Santos, told what her plans are for the future

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