RaI 2023 fee, in which cases are exempted? Here is the answer

The Rai license feeas you all know by now, is a viewing tax of the contents of the Rai channels. Not anything new, it was already in force in the distant 60’s; where the price was equal to the sun 8 lire a year and he was paid to listen to certain ones radio channels. In fact, Italian television has always entertained us with interesting and high-quality programs; since there were still the black and white broadcasts. Nowadays, for obvious reasons, the installment is no longer equivalent to 8 Lire but to 90 € per year. The price, which has not always been this, suffered a decline in the year 2016; thanks to the modification made by the Renzi government.

For some years nowmoreover, for limit evasion of this tax at the highest levels, the fee you pay in your bill. The sum, as you know, is deferred in 10 installments of € 9 each for the first 10 months of the year; And anyone who owns an electrical userit turns out eligible for payment. Although the rules are these, however, there are still some categories that are entitled to an exemption of payment. In the next lines of this article, let’s see together what they are.

Here are the categories that can apply for payment exemption

Let’s start by saying that anyone on this list is eligible to apply for a payment waiver can do so every year from 1° July and until January 31st of the year for which the exemption is requested. Hence the requests for next year are already in progress for several months and still will be until January 31, 2023.

The categories entitled to relief, They are the following:

First thing, who does not own a television. The owner of the electricity user, in this case, is required to declare that in none of the homes where the user is actually the owner holding a TV; whatever it is his or another family member.

Second, we find the seniors over 75 which have a income of less than € 8,000 per year. In this case, however, it must be plus that of both spouses and if, again, that figure is not reached, you get the exemption of the payment.

Other categories who are not required to pay are, moreover diplomatic agents, consular officers and employees, officials of international organizations And military and / or civilian personnel not resident in Italy nor of Italian citizenship who are in service on the national territory.

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