Rai license fee, here’s how much we will pay: “unbelievable”

We are “used” since we are very young to pay for the services we use, in a way not very different from energy supplies: if paying the bills does not seem so strange to us, even if it is an “annoying necessity”, other forms of payment obligations turn out to be more indigestible than others. Among these, the Rai canon is particularly noteworthy, which is now a famous “source of annoyance” for the vast part of the Italian population, almost entirely equipped with a television set.

The Rai Fee, despite its name, has for several years been a form of tax in all respects, necessary to fund the public service and fundamental for the state coffers which each year obtain over 1 billion and a half euros, also because on every single amount paid (which today is equal to 90 euros calculated on an annual basis, deferred in 9 installments of euros, all “combined” with the billing of electricity), a percentage goes to the state.

The amount therefore does not appear to be prohibitive but it is “processed” on a regular basis: to date, about 27% of users do not pay the Rai license fee regularly, deciding to “exempt” it from the bulletins and essentially paying only the amount linked to the ‘power.

Rai license fee, here’s how much we will pay: “unbelievable”

According to the administration of the National Public Service, the annual amount calculated for each household is not sufficient to cover the expenses. However, starting from next year, the Rai Fee will return to being conceived in its original form, no longer “united” with the electricity bill, and it is not yet clear whether the annual amount will be higher: according to some, it will return to amounts prior to 2016, or 113 euros, according to other sources the amount could be higher, even if the concessions and “discounts” for the less well-off could increase.

Probably all the news will be officially communicated by the end of the year.

Rai license fee

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