Rain washes away woman and two minors in Nuevo Leon

Heavy rain has been lashing the state’s metropolitan area and other municipalities since this Saturday morning, which They swept a minor overboard in García, and a woman and a minor were swept away in Santa Catarina.

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Some roads have been flooded in various municipalities, There were reports of vehicles being swept away by the strong current, some streams overflowing and homes being inundated.

The Civil Protection of Nuevo León reported that in the Villa de Alcali neighborhood, between Admita and Vilas de Alcali streets, It was reported that a twelve year old minor The old man who wore the flower shorts, fell into the drain and got electrocuted In the direction of the Villa di Capellania neighborhood.

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Luckily, the neighbors witnessed the incident. They managed to take him past the security meter.

PCNL received a call for help to inform that at Avenida Real del Valle and Manuel Ordóñez in Santa Catarina, A woman and a minor were swept away due to electrocution.

Similarly, in the municipality of Guadalupe, the Las Tinajas stream overflowed, resulting in the flooding of eight homes, while two vehicles got electrocutedBut without the people inside.

One of the areas where the greatest flooding was recorded was Eloy Cavazos Avenue at the height of Camino Real Avenue in Ciudad Guadalupe.

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similar report A vehicle with no occupants was electrocutedAt Jardines de las Rosas Street in the Jardines de San Miguel neighborhood in Guadalupe, Nuevo León.

The rain which started around 10 am lasted for more than two hours, with reports of rain also coming Apodaca, Juárez, Pesquería, Guadalupe, Anahuac, Abasolo, Santiago, General Teran and Lampazos.

What the Civil Defense of Nuevo León announced Units of Relief Corporation started visits to the risk-prone placesTo deal with any emergency, given that There is a possibility of rain for the rest of the day.

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