Rainbow Six: Siege Could Be Released on ps5 and Xbox Scarlett, Ubisoft Has No Sequel

Rainbow Six: Siege Could Be Released on ps5 and Xbox Scarlett, Ubisoft Has No Sequel

The brand director has clarified that probably Rainbow Six: Siege will continue to be supported also in the next generation of consoles.

Ubisoft intends to continue supporting Rainbow Six: Siege in the long run and has no sequel in planning. Available since 2015, the multiplayer shooter made by the French company has enjoyed increasing success, collecting more than a billion dollars since its launch.

Speaking on the Daily Star’s microphones, during the Pro League season IX finals, brand director Alexander Remy stated that a new chapter is not planned and that the title will probably continue to be supported also on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

“The reason is that we don’t want to break up our community between the different platforms. In an ideal future, we would like the players of each platform to be able to play together. We are approaching the next-gen with this same spirit,” said Remy. “We must make every effort to ensure that with the arrival of the next gen the new consoles will be considered as a high-end PC compared to another PC”.

Currently Rainbow Six: Siege is going through its fourth year of new content. In our proven Operation Phantom Sight, Umberto Moioli wrote: “We will return in the coming days to Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Phantom Sight for a better analysis of the new contents, as usual. The first look Ubisoft has given us is in the direction of new operators able to diversify and balance the metagame (like Nokk, who plays against the cameras) and then work on historical maps to improve them, in the specific Café Dostoevsky. ”

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