RaiPlay celebrates Antonio De Curtis, in arte Totò ” in the day of his disappearance

An offer of 25 unforgettable films that remain eternal in the history of cinema, as eternal is the comedy of Toto. On the occasion of the anniversary of his death, which occurred on April 15, 1967, on RaiPlay you can see part of his filmography, characterized by spontaneity, often by improvisation and by his unmistakable facial expression. “I do not command my face, is my face that commands me,” he had explained the same Toto in an interview with Oriana Fallaci for The European championship in 1963.
Below are some of the titles of the valuable collection:
Totò diabolicus: the marquis Galezzo of Torrealta is stabbed by the mysterious Diabolicus. The suspicions fall on the four brothers. Comedy of Steno, the film gives us one of the best interpretations of Toto, who in the film gives a voice and face to the six different characters.
The usual suspects: a scalcagnato group of thieves try to organize it a shot in a pawnshop roman, but the plan doesn’t go as planned. This is a cornerstone of Italian comedy, Oscar-nominated 1959.
Totò lascia o raddoppia? : Toto become a champion of the popular tv quiz show, hosted by Mike Bongiorno, but two gangsters bet on him. One it will kill it if it doubles, the other if he leaves.
A Turkish neapolitan: Felice Sciosciammocca, just escaped from prison, is mistaken for a eunuch in Turkish and taken from the rich, Don Pasquale. The film is adapted from a text by Eduardo Scarpetta.
The emperor of Capri: a rich heiress swaps the waiter Toto for an arab prince and invited him to Capri. On the island, the fake emperor is the massacre of hearts, but, at a certain point, the truth comes to the surface.
Are we men or corporals: Toto, locked up in an insane asylum, exposes the doctor to his personal theory: the world is divided into people who are struggling and corporals who command.
He who hesitates is lost: Antonio Guardalavecchia and Peppino Colabona, colleagues in a transport company, are oppressed by the despotic head clerk. Totò and Peppino De Filippo in an irresistible farce comedy.
Operation San Gennaro: a ramshackle band of thieves american and neapolitan tries to steal the treasure of San Gennaro. Totò and Nino Manfredi, directed by Dino Risi.
The honourable: the five aspiring members contest in the elections. Among the various groupings stands out as the Party of the Restoration of Antonio La trippa (Tripe), played by Totò. With the couple Totò-Peppino.

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