Raise the Temperature Niurka by Covering Her Charms With Just a Belt

With a series of photos and videos, the former adventurer once again captures spotlights by showing off her great body in a very natural look that lit the fuse

Once again Niurka Marcos is in the eye of the hurricane after sharing through her social networks a series of photographs and videos in which she shows off stunning curves, which she only covered with a thin bra-shaped belt.

The beautiful Cuban Vedette has caused a stir with this publication in support of the LGBT community, which has always shown her affection, she also mentions that there are strong ties of friendship with people who proudly wave the colored flag.

Without a doubt, what attracted the most attention in this publication is the splendid beauty that the famous woman wears in that daring outfit, which unleashed the inspiration of her loyal followers who are on the lookout for everything she shares.

Among the accessories that gave the videos and snapshots a seductive touch, Mrs. Scandal covers herself with a large fan, giving her a more attractive style, which was extremely daring.

The irresistible curves of the beautiful dancer and actress were the main protagonists because with so many movements she caused her fans to unleash their passion and observe the images more than once so as not to lose any detail since she is the owner of an enviable body that makes her all restless.

With a message that provoked reactions, he accompanied these memorable snapshots that are undoubtedly favorites, because he knows how to expose himself and leave his own and strangers breathless. 


Quickly the images grabbed the headlines and immediately they took a lot of compliments and compliments, there were many who dedicated hearts and flames of fire to the enviable beauty that Juan Osorio’s ex possesses.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days Niurka has given a lot to talk about, and it is that just a few weeks ago she was the official promoter of the Mexican beach, Zipolite, where she uncovered when it came to showing off a great body in a single garment, hence that a wave of reactions to all its charm was assembled.

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Although she has many detractors, the Cuban does not stop at anything and prefers to continue giving something to talk about, and one of her qualities is exhibiting those wonderful charms that undoubtedly make everyone nervous.      


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