Rakow Częstochowa. Marek Papszun will join Legia? That is the truth

– I am a trainer in Raków as long as the contract lasts and there is a will to cooperate on both sides. And since we talk about my departure in the context of whether I would like it or not, let’s remember that there is also another side. If I start losing, it may not want me and Raków – coach Papszun told Interia after the meeting with “Pasy”.

We asked whether speculations about his possible transition to Legia were making his work difficult.

– The team was well-disposed and prepared for this match. It improved the quality of the game. Speculating about me does not help to concentrate, but that is the role of the media. If there is interest in me, it is talked about. However, this is not a leading topic. I do not feel a drop in the quality of work – assured the 47-year-old trainer.

Indeed, Raków dominated most of the game at Kałuża, but lost to Otara Kakabadze’s long-distance shot.

The WP Sportowe Fakty portal announced on Sunday that the Pope had already agreed with Legia regarding the contract.

– Relax, there’s really nothing about us here without us – commented on Twitter the owner of Raków, Michał Świerczewski, and the president of the club, Wojciech Cygan, considered it a sufficient comment.

Marek Papszun will take over Legia Warsaw – before this slogan became fashionable in the mouths of top journalists, it was voiced by Sławomir Peszko in the program of Studio Ekstraklasa Interia and PKO BP Bank.

– I have heard that Marek Papszun can change his place of work. Ekstraklasa, central Poland, will probably be this direction – said Peszko on August 2. That club from the central part of the country that he meant was, of course, Legia.

“Peszkin” later specified that this change would not happen immediately, but Papszun – according to his information – is the main candidate to replace Czesław Michniewicz as the permanent coach of the Legia, as long as there is a permanent position in this club. Since even Henning Berg and Maciej Skorża did not work at Łazienkowska for two full years, it can be doubted. The last one to do so was Jan Urban in 2007-2010.

Legia hoped to stop the sports crisis by firing Michniewicz. Meanwhile, it only deepened it.

It is puzzling that no one at Łazienkowska Street would think that perhaps to build Papszun’s reputation and authority not only was the coach himself, undoubtedly effective, but also, and perhaps even above all, a wisely managed club. It was the owner Świerczewski who insisted that despite the initial ups and downs, Papszun would be the coach of Raków for better and for worse.

It is a joint work of the club and the coach that today Marek Papszun is considered a model of work continuity. In five months it will be his sixth year in Częstochowa. Only Tomasz Tułacz from the first league Puszcza Niepołomice works longer – six years and three months.

In Legia, where the pressure and expectations are much higher, would Dariusz Mioduski defend his position as a coach in the first, second and third crises? Michniewicz, and earlier Jacek Magiera, lost their jobs at the first more serious one.

Raków and Papszun, thanks to their patience and wise politics, enjoy their game and climb the next levels. They certainly haven’t reached the ceiling yet.

For now, Legia has a problem. I am looking for a trainer to put out the fire. The inhabitants of Częstochowa, despite the fact that they did not score in three consecutive matches, and lost to Cracovia on Monday, have everything under control.

Michał Białoński, Interia

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