ramiz raja: Why Ramiz Raja wants india pakistan cricket match without stopping terrorism against india

new Delhi: The economy of Pakistan is in bad shape. The Imran Khan government has made a gamble to save the chair by dissolving the parliament, but it cannot be said that the political instability will end after the elections. Recently, there was a lot of discussion on the Bajwa Doctrine when the no-confidence motion against the government came, which said that if the government is changed, the army would like to improve relations with India by putting the Kashmir issue on the backburner so that Pakistan can be economically strong. In the midst of such uncertainties, now the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja, has played the game of cricket diplomacy. He has invited India to play the match. Knowing that India has placed a condition for cricket from Pakistan. In such a situation, the question remains the same whether a match between Pakistan and India is possible without stopping the supply of terrorists from across the border?

In an interview, Rameez has said that being a cricketer, he would like politics to be kept separate and why not fans can enjoy the game between India and Pakistan. He said that knowing the numbers and figures one can easily understand why India-Pakistan is still the best competition in the world. The PCB has proposed the annual T20 series between India, Pakistan, England and Australia to the ICC. We should let it succeed, he said. If not now then when? Keeping the current situation in mind, he said that three former cricketers are currently leading the board – Sourav Ganguly from India, Rameez Raja from Pakistan and Martin Snedden from New Zealand.

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He said that I am taking this proposal forward as a member of the ICC board, not the PCB chairman. The king said it was not ‘us versus them’, it was ‘us versus us’. The last time the new concept came to the fore was the T20 World Cup in 2007. Nothing new happened after that and so this is a good opportunity. He insisted that we should look at it only by connecting it to cricket and not from a political point of view.

Will BCCI be ready on India-Pakistan cricket? On this question, the king said that there is pressure on us too. But I am pushing such a concept for the game without the intervention of my government. As a cricketer, I believe it should be so. Raja is aware that the BCCI is not inclined to support the PCB’s proposal. In such a situation, there is a high possibility that their proposal may remain just paperwork.

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What does India want?
India has been saying for years, not today, that terrorism and talks or sports cannot go together. Many times Pakistan tried unsuccessfully to defeat India with military might and after giving up, it adopted the policy of proxy war in Kashmir. It became his profession to infiltrate and then carry out attacks by tricking the youth of Pakistan in the name of Jihad. Pakistan’s army in Jammu and Kashmir started conspiring to send terrorists or smolder India. Things changed after 2014 and the surgical strikes in September 2016 and Balakot air strikes in February 2019 sent a message to Pakistan that the gimmicks of nuclear war would no longer work. India has drawn a big line that if terrorist attacks are carried out from across the border in future, it will be retaliated selectively.

However, even now Pakistan sponsored terrorist attacks have not stopped. Smaller attacks are still happening. Within 24 hours, many incidents of attacks, hiding of terrorists and encounters came to light. An encounter broke out between terrorists and security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district on Wednesday. The terrorists were hiding in Haripora village of Shopian. On the same day, two terrorists of banned terrorist organizations Ansar Gajwatul Hind and Lashkar-e-Taiba were killed in an encounter with security forces in Tral area of ​​Pulwama district.

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On Wednesday itself, security forces recovered ammunition and a grenade from a hideout of terrorists in Reasi district. During this joint operation of police and army, this hideout was discovered in Kot Budhan forest of Mahore. One grenade, four rounds of AK-47 cartridges, Rs 1,400 in cash and other items were recovered.

Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbagh Singh had recently said that the recent attacks on civilians in the Union Territory were plotted by Pakistan and it was a sign of desperation of terrorist organisations. CRPF Head Constable Vishal Kumar was martyred in the terrorist attack in Maisuma last Monday. Two workers from Bihar were injured in this terrorist attack in Pulwama and a Kashmiri Pandit was injured in a similar attack in Shopian. Terrorists raised by Pakistan are now targeting migrant laborers and minority community in Kashmir.

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It is clear from this that governments change in Pakistan but their attitude towards Kashmir and India does not change. When India decided to abrogate Article 370 regarding Jammu and Kashmir, Imran Khan stopped trade with India, in the future, Pakistan is facing its loss.

Imran Khan said years ago- “One day I will be the PM of Pakistan but I will be killed”

terror lover pakistan
Not only this, Pakistan did nothing to bring the culprits of the 2008 Mumbai attack to justice. The trial was delayed and terrorists like Hafiz Saeed openly spew venom against India. It would have been better if Rameez Raja would have looked at Pakistan’s ‘Terror Diplomacy’ too. He has been a cricketer and PM Imran Khan too, so cricket diplomacy would have happened had both the legends ensured that Pakistan’s soil would not be used to spread poison or attack in any way against India. Imran Khan had also shown a lot of dreams to the people before coming to power, but his love of terror came in the way of improving relations with India. Experts around the world are saying that he missed a good opportunity to improve relations with India.

Pakistan has done nothing to stop cross-border terrorism. India had also put the condition of coming to Pakistan to participate in the SAARC summit that it should stop terrorism, stop infiltration, maintain peace on the LoC and punish the culprits of the Mumbai attacks. India has stopped playing bilateral cricket matches with the neighboring country due to Pakistan’s support to terrorism. Actually, BCCI needs the permission of the government for the match against Pakistan. Looking at the current situation, an India-Pakistan cricket match seems unlikely. It would have been better if Rameez Raja would have batted in his country to shun terrorism before talking about the India-Pakistan cricket match.

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