Ramos Riso analyzes the Monterrey vs. León refereeing controversy

Rayados’ first goal came from an Andrada clearance with the ball in motion, and the second goal was missed after a penalty confirmed by VAR.

match between monterey and lion There was a controversial intervention from VAR And’s work Luis Enrique SantanderThe central referee was heavily criticized by analysts. Felipe Ramos Rizzo.

The first goal came from a clearance by Esteban Andrada, who forced the ball into play despite not fully stopping. The play culminated in an own goal by Osvaldo Rodríguez, which was considered good despite also having a foul by Maxi Mesa in the definition.

“can’t believe it SantanderFrom this play where Andrada puts the ball into play while the ball is in motion on a goal kick. monterey 1-0 and he is a FIFA referee.”

Santander With his back to the play, he can’t see Andrada putting the ball in play while he’s on the move. “Terrible refereeing technique,” he added.

“The first goal is to monterey I had to disable it because I didn’t have enough Meza.players of lion “Played the ball perfectly, Meza arrived late and gave the defender a strong kick,” he said. Rizzo Ramos.

The referee then turned to the monitor to review the two actions and, in addition to marking the penalty for handball that occurred in the previous play inside the Fiera, decided to change Ali Ávila’s warning to a red card. And Sergio Canales scored it. area.

“About that Santander I can’t believe it, I have to review two plays. VAR At the same time, he is wrong on both, so here: Penalty he didn’t admit it. Santander We are facing a play,” he added.

“In the same 40th minute, he should have reviewed this play where he should have been booked and sent off. It’s important that they did their job and took no responsibility for what happened on the field. “How easy it is,” he added.the job of Santander.

The first half at BBVA Stadium thus ended with a 2-1 advantage. stripe about lion, and monterey When there is one less player and arbitration Luis Enrique Santander And that VAR embroiled in controversy.

The same trend continued in the second half, with controversy brewing in the 61st minute. Santander He signaled a penalty and was called VAR However, as the contact was outside the area, after a review, the maximum penalty was revised, but the decision was made to send off the ball along with Hector Uribe. Rizzo Ramos criticized the decision. “There will be no penalties or expulsion. Santander In free fall.”

“The arbitration committee must consider the following. Santander I have to continue refereeing, what is it going to be like today? Monterrey vs Leon That is reprehensible,” he concluded. Felipe Ramos Rizzo.

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