“Rangers? It was tough on the first leg. Unique Naples! Owner or 5 ‘I’ll be ready “

On the eve of the Champions League match against Rangers, Napoli striker Giovanni Simeone answered the questions of the journalists present in the conference room of the Castel Volturno Training Center.

On the eve of the Champions League match against Rangers, the Napoli striker Giovanni Simeone answered the questions of the journalists present in the conference room of the Castel Volturno Training Center.

The goal is first place, it’s an important race. How important would it be for you to play?

“We want to score as many points as possible, it is important to show every game, to confirm what we are doing. We have to continue like this, for me obviously playing is important but the important thing is to be ready, I have the experience to be ready and do my best. “.

How difficult is it to see this team so beautiful and not always be able to be a part of it? Every striker manages to score goals, how do you explain it?

“The whole team is doing well, it puts us in front of the door. I always prepare myself with great strength, with my meditation, visualization, I always write all the games, I have my own little booklet where I write about the games, so I concentrate , I prepare them like this. Obviously when I am not playing I enjoy this team, the important thing is to be ready, as a starter or playing for 5-10 minutes, from the first day I have said that I will give my best “.

In the first leg you won with merit, but in the first leg you had some difficulties. The hardest first 45 ‘of the season?

“Yes, it was difficult, then mistaking the penalty, they always tried to be aggressive on our possession, I don’t know if it was the most difficult but it was one of the most complicated races due to their aggressiveness, obviously we will have to be careful with this game. and we know very well that it is a difficult team to face and we will prepare ourselves to the maximum “.

There is an exceptional feeling between you and the city, can you tell us about the first Neapolitan months?

“I am happy, from the first day here, indeed since we were talking, I received many messages and I understood that being from Napoli was a unique thing, then here I understood the passion they have and above all for an Argentine, it shows that they live for I feel part of this passion, therefore affection is mutual, beyond football I am perfectly happy, when there is sun and sea one is always fine and I am a seaman, when I open the windows of the house and I see that landscape I feel good. One must always seek peace within the chaos of traffic “.

Which tactical situation excites you the most?

“When there is the possibility to play, you always express your best, my strength is the attack on depth or create spaces to go to goal or for teammates, everyone has their strength and the group knows how each striker plays. , the coach knows very well who has to play against a team and he is very good at this, everyone is available when he chooses us. “

In Argentina they say that you are in the list of 40 for the world championship, do you start to believe it?

“Yes, I’m happy for this call-up, it’s special, it confirms what I’ve always believed and now that I’m in the 40s, I’ll show Scaloni that I’m ready to be there, I’d love to help the great team of the national team”

How often do you think about the intersection with Atletico Madrid? Do you wish it or not?

“It would be very nice to challenge a strong team, the truth is that we miss a lot, Atletico have to do very well to pass and we too have to focus on tomorrow. These are things that you can never know, I focus on the present, on the minutes that I will have, then later we will be ready to give our best “.

Someone said that Napoli did not deserve to win.

“Napoli are strong because they believe in what they do, they have variety from the bench and whoever enters always makes the difference, then what others say … the results count, sometimes they go to points of view but only what we believe counts we, not debates or those who love to talk, we demonstrate inside the field “.

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