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Claudio Ranieriformer technician of Inter And Rome and champion of England with the Leicester gave an interview to Corriere dello Sport in view of the championship match between the Nerazzurri and the Giallorossi: “Mourinho and his old phrase? José is now a great friend. It was very nice when Leicester sacked me. He showed up at the press conference in the suit that bore the initials CR. ‘He wrote the best story ever,’ he said. ”

MOURINHO TODAY – “More reflective, aware, you change. And perfectly adherent to the project of Friedkin. He plays to win, his career is marked by extraordinary successes, however he knows well that in this phase of Rome there are obstacles, the limits imposed by Financial Fair Play … Mourinho is a unique, inimitable galvanizer, the Olimpico is fills for him, more than for the team. Roma needed Mourinho and probably Mourinho from Roma, a supporter who gave themselves to him without reservations. ”

WITHOUT TEAM – “I don’t feel like a misfit, even if for thirty-five years the timing of my day was marked by football, work. And I don’t consider the period as a footballer. When you do not play or train you are missing many things, important references, you have to fill in the gaps and it is not always easy. There are no training sessions, retreats, travels, matches. In any case, I live everything with great serenity and, indeed, I enjoy the freedom of being able to go to Vittoria on Monday to receive an award named after Di Marzio. The evening will present Gianluca, his son, and there will also be Tucci, his wife “.

TRIBUTE OF THE OLYMPIC – “Rome-Leicester. I was sitting next to Candela, Totti a couple of seats away. At a certain point Vincent nudged me and pointed to the board that was framing me. When the applause of both fans started I was surprised and displaced, I am shy, reserved. It was my wife who suggested that I stand up to thank the sixty thousand. A very strong emotion that I carry inside me, one of the best memories “.

BUSINESS WITH THE LEICESTER – “Many factors contributed to it. Starting with the president who handed over the team to me when he was still in retirement, he suddenly sent the manager away. Leicester had risen the previous season in the Premier League and later saved themselves on the last day . I changed some things, gradually but radically. The full backs, first of all, then intervened on Simpson and Fuchs. I decided to find a place for the young Kanté, an inexhaustible scooter. First I tried him on the left wing, then I put him in central midfield and together with Drinkwater formed a sensational couple. Those guys were fine together, they helped each other. Self Mahrez it centered, Okazaki went to cover his side. In the first weeks I explained to the team that you should never give up, they quickly got the message. They managed to turn many 0-2s into draws or wins. The history of the pizzas offered when we didn’t concede a goal is well known. I found a pizzeria that increased its income tenfold after the first few weeks. If I remember correctly that year we only lost three times, two with Arsenal and once with Liverpool. ”

INTER – “We started well well well. Things changed when Thiago Motta decided to go to PSG in January. We agreed that he would leave at the end of the season, but he changed his mind and put pressure on the president who satisfied him. Without Thiago, the balance on the pitch jumped, like a watch in which a single element jams and the entire mechanism is affected. What if a player ruins a draw? There are players who have the function of equalizers, they make the team go round, they take it by the hand. At Monaco, in B, I found Mounir Obbadi, who later moved to Verona. With him in midfield we found the squad and the promotion “.

BOTTOM CONSTRUCTION – “I hate it. It is true that if you find three or four passes well done, you cancel the high pressure of the opponents and open a chasm in their defense. But to achieve that accuracy you need players with special characteristics and not everyone can afford them. I admire Klopp’s Liverpool who usually seek depth, it is not there to make eight hundred horizontal passes or backwards. Maybe because as a boy I played basketball, I made my own the propensity to arrive quickly in the opposing area. In ’97, at Valencia, everyone was talking to me, exalting him, about the possession of Real and Barcelona and I focused on speed and vertical. I don’t understand those who dribble for a long time, concede the goal and only when he is under him does he verticalize. But do it from the beginning, I say “.

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