Ranking of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe: Poland is the leader in the region

Coface has prepared the TOP 500 CEE ranking for the 16th time, presenting the leading companies in Central and Eastern Europe, currently according to the turnover achieved in 2020.

It reflects “the struggle in the new economic environment marked by a pandemic” and shows how the regional giants coped with these conditions, Coface said on Friday. It was indicated that the turnover of the 500 largest companies decreased by 3.3% in 2020. up to EUR 667 billion.

“Poland once again leads the ranking, and domestic companies did the best in the region in terms of y / y turnover,” it was noted. The top three were followed by the Czech Republic and Hungary.

According to the ranking, 32 percent. of all companies in the list come from our country (161 companies – 2 less than last year). “Although the pandemic had an impact on Polish companies, they are still the largest in the region – with an average turnover of EUR 1.6 billion,” it said. Their combined revenues decreased by 0.1% to EUR 258.2 billion in 2020, and net profits decreased by 20.6%.

The authors of the ranking indicated that the economies of Central and Eastern Europe have adapted well to the new pandemic environment. The sectors that were in the lead in the previous rankings again took the top three positions in 2020. “Minerals, chemicals, petroleum products, plastics and pharmaceuticals lead the way, ahead of the automotive and transport industries, followed by trade,” it listed. The three largest sectors, as noted, produce almost 54% of all revenues.

Poland is the most diversified country in the ranking when it comes to the sectoral structure. “No single industry is dominant, although the sector of mineral resources, chemicals, petroleum products, plastics and pharmaceuticals is the leader, from which 16.8% of companies come and which accounts for 21.6% of the turnover of Polish companies in the list” – explained.

The Czech Republic came second with 15.4 percent. all companies from the region, represented by 77 entities with a total turnover of EUR 102 billion. The automotive and transport sector is the largest sector in this country in terms of turnover (EUR 35.5 billion; 34.8%) and the number of companies (24.7%).

Hungary came third (13.6% of the “500” companies), where the 68 largest companies in the region come from (5 less than a year ago). The turnover of Hungarian companies decreased by 1.1%, and the decrease in profits amounted to 49.6%. The most important sector are automotive and transport companies, which dominate the market both in terms of turnover (22.7%) and number (23.5%).

The first in the newest Top 500 is PKN Orlen – the company’s turnover decreased by 23%, while in the previous year it increased by 1%. The Czech Skoda Auto took second place, and thanks to the increase in turnover, Jeronimo Martins jumped to the third step of the podium.

As stated, most of the top ten companies recorded lower turnover in the crisis 2020 compared to the previous year. “Four companies (all from Poland) were able to increase their revenues – Jeronimo Martins, PGE and two new trade companies in TOP10: EUROCASH (item 9) and LIDL (item 10), which in the previous edition were respectively 11th and 24 “- summarized.

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