Rape scenes in Marilyn Monroe biopic: Netflix’s first off-limits title

Marilyn and the scandal of beauty. Marylin, the joyless princess who said: “Laugh when you are sad, because crying is too easy”. She, the dream woman she had stopped believing in fairy tales. It is dedicated to her, to the divas of the divas’Blonde‘, the film based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, starring the Cuban-born Spanish actress Ana de Armas as Monroe. There is no peace for Marilyn, even when she is dead. And here she continues to make people discuss, to make a scandal, to mark history, even today. This biopic in fact, for the explicit sexual content he proposes, in which rape scenes also appear, is the Netflix’s first production absolutely which, after being classified as ‘hard core’, comes forbidden to children under 17.

The vision of “Blonde”, the movie on Netflix that tells the life of Marilyn Monroe, is forbidden to children under 17

The forbidden version of the story

It will be at the Venice Film Festival, but otherwise it will go to ‘cinemas without a room’, the ones at home. For his part, director Andrew Dominik was not surprised by the red stamp attached to his film and admits: “It is a tough movie, if the public doesn’t like it, that’s his problem. I’m not running for public office. It’s for those who want to go see the banned version of the Marilyn Monroe story. That’s what you should want, isn’t it? ”. The biopic brings the viewer into inner dramas of a woman who was desperately looking for love without ever finding it. She who was looking for success and was devoured by that Hollywood “where they pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss – she said – and fifty cents for your soul”. Which everyone continues to represent as the femme fatale all exteriority, a symbol of sensuality in an America still far from the sexual revolution. In fact she was also the diva of the divas more: he read Dostoevsky in solitude, he came from an unhappy childhood and in front of the flashes of the photographers he played to mask with a smile who knows how many scars ever healed.

The lonely end

Marilyn, 60 years ago the death of the diva
Marilyn, 60 years ago the death of the diva

Marilyn, the most desired in the world, just she who, after driving men crazy, trusting to go to sleep with “just two drops of Chanel n ° 5”, that evening, the last of her short life, she died alone, with no one by his side. Not like a crystal vase, which when it breaks immediately shows its thousand pieces. Rather as happens to wood, which lets itself be pierced without shedding a tear, which breaks slowly and, as long as it can, with all its strength hides, resists and suffers, but does not confess. On the night between 4 and 5 August 60 years ago, the beautiful Marilyn stopped hiding her pain and said goodbye to everything and everyone, at only 36 years old. The world was so shocked that, in the days that followed, there was a surge in suicides.

The dedications

To remember her fragile existence, like a flame blown by the wind, Elton John years later dedicated to her the famous’Candle in the Wind‘, song later adapted to celebrate the disappearance of another sad princess, Lady Diana. Pier Paolo Pasolini took pen and paper and instead dedicated one of his most beautiful poems to her. “I don’t know where people go when they die – says a sentence from the Little Prince – but I know where they stay”. His myth it certainly remains and relives in the cinema, in films, in cult scenes, in clothes, in photographs of the time. One above all, the famous’Happy Birthday, Mr. President‘which he sang to celebrate President Kennedy. Who knows if today, in front of a festive birthday cake, the beautiful Marilyn would express the same wishes as her a lifetime ago, or she would disown them. Nobody can know. Certainly, on those candles, she would still blow us. If only because the wind, however it may be, always leads somewhere.

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