Rapper Drake Arrested in Sweden During Private Nightclub Party

Drake was reportedly arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

the rapper Drake and his team have been in Stockholm since Wednesday. So they landed in the country with the luxury plane Air Drake. But it looks like the rapper won’t have a quiet weekend in Sweden. Tonight, Swedish news website Dopest revealed that the American rapper was detained by local police during a private party the artist was holding at the Berns nightclub in Stockholm.

Witnesses at the nightclub believe the rapper was arrested for illegal drug possession after marijuana was found with the artist. In addition to Drake, his bodyguard Chubbs was also arrested. The news has not yet been confirmed by the Drake, or your team. On Wednesday, the Toronto rapper landed in Sweden and has since been seen visiting Ciccio’s restaurant in Nybrogatan, Östermalm. Afterwards, in the company of the Swedish twin sisters Lejonhjärta, who are close friends of Drake. It is not yet known exactly why the superstar is currently in Stockholm.

We recently saw that Drake not afraid to take big risks in casinos or bookmakers. He has a penchant for big bets, and his latest venture netted him over $25 million at an online roulette table. Drake, whose hits include “One Dance” and “God’s Plan,” appeared on his favorite online casino, Stake, last Monday. He shared his plays on a live stream on Twitch, allowing his fans to follow him and even handing out money to some people, including a Brazilian who took home $25,000. During the game, Drake won $25 million in bets but ended the night with less than $2,000 in his account.

As soon as more information about the rapper’s arrest becomes available, we will publish it.

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