Rapper Ninho becomes the new face of sportswear brand adidas

Fashion and rap, rap and fashion, although A’s stories often end badly, it’s doing great! Despite much rougher beginnings, and by tough we often mean racist and classicist, the current flows between these two arts more than ever. Latest Evidence? Rapper Ninho and the adidas brand has announced a collaboration that is expected to take the rap and fashion worlds by storm at the start of the next school year. Many fans of the rapper are already wondering which coins will eat up their savings. pair of sneakers? New design joggers? Special Drops? The surprise is likely to come full circle once the summer is over. The guy named El Jefe has more than one trick. After winning the hearts of rap fans and then burger lovers, rapper Ninho is back in full swing in the fashion race with a capital letter M. If music and fashion go together so well, it must be believed that more and more brands are rolling out the red carpet to welcome stars to the rap world. If Central C chose the total look signed Decathlon, ninho, he appears head-to-toe in Adidas. Although it’s a baptism of fire for the rapper, the three-striped brand isn’t his first foray. Be it Beyoncé, Bad Bunny or even the much criticized Kanye West, the sportswear label quintessential has given a bunch of artists the chance for high-flying collections. Next up for the rapper is another collaboration, this time with an Italian brand, to give his titular “All in Gucci” a whole different dimension!

Rappers, kings of fashion?

Hip-hop stars have long established themselves as hit-girls and hit-boys with irresistible looks. When his looks are not at the forefront of fashion, then he is the one who sets many trends. However, rap and fashion haven’t always been madly in love. While the stars of this much-loved style have always exuded a special sense of style, high fashion circles have long shied away from it for certain reasons. Rappers and rappers who are known to be bright and eccentric have not let themselves down. Years after the first collaboration between the brands, adidas, and rap group Run DMC, We Can’t Stop Them. Besides being addicted to the front rows of fashion shows and dressing rooms, these music stars aren’t just figureheads. While rapper Future takes charge of the artistic direction of the house of Lanvin, Amin has become the new face of New Balance. French-speaking rappers are not left out, as this collaboration between adidas and Ninho proves!

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