Rapper Offers 5400 Reais for Fans Who Want to Suck His Toes

The musician Lil Bossie made the offer on social media during the trip to the beauty salon, in a pedicure session

American rapper Lil Bossie took his fans and followers on social media by surprise by offering $ 1,000, the equivalent of about $ 5,000, to anyone who licks and sucks his toes.

The artist made his offer in the Stories section of his Instagram, during a visit to a beauty salon, while being cared for by a manicure and pedicure.

Rapper Lil Boosie offered $ 1,000 to anyone who licks his toes (Photo: Instagram)

The 38-year-old musician shows his feet before making his offer and then films the pedicure that took care of his nails. He jokes: “She says I have beautiful feet”.

Rapper Lil Bossie (Photo: Instagram)

Then he asks: “Who wants to lick my fingers ?! I have a thousand here for you to suck my fingers ”.

With 13 studio records, Bossie has over 870,000 followers on Instagram. He is known for using his social media account to flaunt his fortune and possessions, especially his cars and jewelry.

Rapper Lil Bossie (Photo: Instagram)

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