Rapper Uzi’s rebellion against his landlord! He claimed that he ran away without paying 4 months’ rent…

The landlord of rapper Uzi, known for songs like Makina, I Don’t Care, Le Cana, Kraven and Paparazzi, claimed the singer ran away from his home in Bomonti without paying his 4-months rent.

The singer, who did not accept the landlord’s claims, said he had receipts for the rent paid.

Homeowner: We entered the house with the locksmith

The owner of the house took to his social media account to share the dilapidated condition of the house where Uzi reportedly lived. “The situation in our flat in the Bomonti anthill, where Uzi, TR’s most listened to artist in 2022 (!), ran away without paying his 4 months rent and we were able to enter with a locksmith. It’s scandalous. That our interlocutor, the producer, has also disappeared into mystery. Perhaps he would be ashamed!” He said.

Uzi: You destroyed the house I left after cleaning, how do you enter the house I have a contract with?

Utku Cihan Yalcinkaya, known by her stage name Uzi, responded to the host with the following words in her post on her X account:

“You tried to destroy the house I left clean, but that didn’t work either. I have a contract. How could you enter my house without permission? So, let’s look at these images Take me to court with the receipts paid by me to keep quiet about your illegal fare increase?”

After Uzi’s statement, the host first deleted the post and then closed his account.

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