Raspadori, Napoli raises but Sassuolo wants easy bonuses on EL or Conference

The latest comes from Sky Sport’s market expert, Gianluca Di Marzio, who writes on his official website


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Napoli is still working to reach an agreement with Sassuolo for the transfer of Giacomo Raspadori. The latest comes from Sky Sport’s market expert, Gianluca Di Marzio, who writes on his official website: “After having been refused the latest offer, the company of president De Laurentiis presented a raise of 29 million, still lower than the 30 requested by the neroverdi. The main problem between the two clubs, however, remains the 5 million bonuses. .

In the last few hours, Napoli made a new and improved offer to Sassuolo for Raspadori, worth 29 million euros. The main distance between the two clubs, however, concerns the bonuses: the will of Napoli is that of performing bonuses, linked to goals, assists and above all to entry into the champions. Sassuolo, on the other hand, would prefer them to be more accessible, linked to attendance and entry into Europe or the Conference League. Meanwhile, Sassuolo has already identified the replacement in the event of Raspadori’s departure. We are talking about Laurienté, Lorient striker, born in 1998, who had already been interested in Torino during this transfer market “.

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