Raspadori the best, Di Lorenzo as captain. Lobotka is a giant

Poker at Liverpool, three at Rangers and six at Ajax who had never even taken five in the cup. You are, in Amsterdam, dominating far and wide with an embarrassing naturalness. Incredible? No, his Napoli: crazy, balanced, mature, spectacular. King of Europe and Italy, undefeated and deadly. A real team. A great team, the first Italian to score 11 goals in the first three of the group stage, which swoops in the Netherlands teaching football, entertaining and enchanting.

Meret 7
Para on Taylor, dominates the area and gives certainties.

By Lorenzo 8
A moment of perplexity about Kudus’s advantage, yes, but the rest is a show: a two-phase tractor, a robot as Spalletti said. The first goal with the band is very heavy. The sumptuous performance.

Zanoli (39 ‘st) sv
Long live the joy of the debut in the Champions League.

Rrahmani 7
Authority is just a little cough on Ajax’s advantage. The rest is total domination.

Kim 7
In the 1-0 pinball machine he also ends up there but as above is a moment: to follow he is the master.

Olivera 7.5
Immediately decisive, as with Liverpool, and in addition he adds the golden assist for Jack’s equalizer. He pulverizes Tadic and anyone who tries on his side.

Shoulder pads: "Maradona will be proud of this Napoli"

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Spalletti: “Maradona will be proud of this Napoli”

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