Rauw Alejandro compares: “Shakira is like Beyoncé or Madonna”

Rauw Alejandroone of the biggest names in Latin music today, had the honor of recording with Shakira on the single “Te Felicito”. In an interview with People en Español magazine, he spoke about it and, undeniably, says that he felt very happy with the invitation. To give the magnitude of the greatness of this partnership, he compared Shakira with other great divas.: Beyonce and Madonna.

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Rauw Alejandro compares: "Shakira is like Beyonce or Madonna"
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“For me, Shakira is like Beyoncé or Madonna, when I got the call from her saying that she liked my style and that she had a song to release with me, I couldn’t believe it, I was paralyzed and my girlfriend (Rosalía) was also very happy for me”, declared.

Comparisons are often dangerous. But in this case, he received the support of the public, since Shakira is really a Latin diva at the level of Beyonce and Madonnaalthough each one in its niche.

Remember the clip of Rauw Alejando with Shakira:

Shakira reveals behind the scenes of “Te Felicito”, clip with Rauw Alejandro

The world, of course, was impacted by the release of the new single in Shakira, “I congratulate you”in partnership with singer Rauw Alejandro. A week after the debut of the single and clip of the track, the singer shared with fans a video with scenes from behind the scenes.

In the images, it is possible to perceive both the rapport between the Colombian artist and her colleague Rauw Alejandro, since the climate is light. The video also shows the filmmaker’s performance. Jaume de Laiguanaa great collaborator of the star, during the recording of the video clip, which brings Shakira powerful and sensual, through quite incredible choreography and even reproducing the famous robot step.


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