Re-release of albums, a business that knows no crisis

Music labels compete in invention to boost physical sales and streaming listenership.

“Deluxe”, “XL”, “Ultimate”, “Number Two” or even “The Suite”. These names are all part of the same skill of the music industry: re-releasing albums. Last October, Taylor Swift made her big comeback with 13 songs Midnight, three hours later, she leaves Midnight (3 a.m. version), the same album with seven additional tracks. And repeats the test with the third version at the end of May: Midnights (The Till Dawn Version), in less than a year, the interpreter of shake it offReleased 26 titles and about the same number of physical versions.

In the United States, as in France, re-releases of albums have become almost essential for successful artists. From Ed Sheeran through Orelson to Clara Luciani, several stars released new versions of their albums a few months later, enriched with a handful of tracks. Angela’s work ninety five Meanwhile two reissues are on offer, each packed with different bonuses.

“The era of streaming has changed…

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